3 Reasons why Imagine is the Music Festival of your Dreams

Atlanta is a place that has always been ahead of the times when it comes to electronic dance music – a long-standing landmark and a prominent hot spot for some of the most next-level EDM events over the years, from Counterpoint and TomorrowWorld, to various shows at renowned venues like The Tabernacle and Terminal West. In 2014, a fresh new festival was introduced that dared to defy the boundaries of what a “city festival” entails. Encompassing the entire sensory experience that one would find at weekend-long music, camping, and arts events, Imagine Music Festival has successfully redefined the typical stereotypes of your ordinary EDM festival. With a breakthrough lineup in 2014 including headliners Adventure Club, Destroid, Fedde le Grand, Seven Lions and more, IMF proved to be worthy of attention right off the bat. 2015 packed a punch with once again diverse lineup including Dada Life, Datsik, Tipper with Android Jones, The Glitch Mob, and supporting talent from the best in various genres from house to d’n’b to live electronica. The wide array of talent is the most obvious of reasons to adore this festival, but that’s only part of why IMF has developed into such an inspiring and legitimate experience over the years.

Often times when we think of city-based festivals, we envision a venue in the midst of chaotic, industrialized environments with constraints such as noise ordinance regulations, and stage production that is mediocre at best. This is hardly the case when it comes to IMF, all thanks to the Iris Presents team that goes above and beyond every year to beat the competition and give their attendees a unique sensory experience through state-of-the-art production. All of the sights, sounds, and vibes of the festival have exemplified the characteristics of a fully-immersive camping festival over the years, from the presence of various forms of conscious art, including live painters, aerial arts performances from Cirque USA, and vendors/classes that offer products and teach practices to promote positive lifestyles. 2016 will be Imagine’s big break, as the festival has evolved into a full 3-day camping and arts festival with a new location and loads of promising upgrades. The following are just a few of the reasons you should make your way to The Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hotlanta the 26-28 of August.

  1. A lineup that makes everybody happy.

With new music festivals arising every year, a diverse lineup is the saving grace for standing out within this often over-saturated scene. Maybe you’re a Basshead, or perhaps you’d rather find yourself getting lost in one of the ever-entrancing improv jams, courtesy of the Disco Biscuits – whatever you’re into, IMF has delivered an impressively large lineup for 2016, combining producers and live acts alike to please music lovers of all sorts.  Headliners The Disco Biscuits, Gramatik, Nero, Zeds Dead and Benny Benassi all stand side by side on this year’s roster followed by supporting talent that explores all kinds of genres of EDM ranging from glitch-hop to trance to jamtronica, and not to mention the grimiest selection of dubstep legends. So whether you’re in the mood to get into some smooth, funky grooves, shuffle to your heart’s desire, or headbang till your neck aches, Imagine has you covered. Check out the full lineup here.


2. The option of camping.

We all know how convenient and fun camping festivals can be – afterparties that are only a short walk away,  getting to connect with your neighbors and expand your festival family, decking out your campsite in wild themes, etc. The Atlanta Motor Speedway might not sound like the most ideal camping spot, which is why Imagine has planned for camping to be held in lush, grassy fields located right outside of the venue. If the great outdoors aren’t exactly your thing, don’t worry, because there are loads of hotels and Air Bnb’s available within a few miles of the speedway. Check out camping options and passes here, or get a deal on hotel packages offered from the festival.


3. State-of-the-art visual and audio production.

Festivals can get pretty pricey in terms of tickets and transit. Often times we are left feeling unfulfilled after spending hundreds of dollars for one weekend – and for what? A few lousily-decorated stages with club lights and mediocre sound? However this is anything but the case when it comes to IMF. They have continuously delivered in terms of sights and sounds year after year, from intricately adorned stages with vivid aquatic decor and gorgeous gogo dancers, to Cirque USA performers swinging above your head on aerial silks and contorting in hoops and other props. Careful attention to sound production has played a crucial role in propelling Imagine to the top, with every stage perfectly prepared to deliver clear, crisp sound from DJs, bands, and rappers alike.



Imagine yourself at this dream-like gathering with amazing company and unforgettable musical performances, and make it a reality by purchasing tickets here.

Connor Lavin

21, currently studying journalism in the Sunshine State. Fueled by bass music, traveling, and writing about those experiences.

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