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AGENCY Creates R&B Excellence With ‘IDENTITY’

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Existing in a world where R&B has become such a disputed and convoluted genre, AGENCY has carved out a distinctly original sound for themselves. Combining the soul-churning appeal of Frank Ocean with an even more electronic vibe, AGENCY has garnered a great deal of attention and critical acclaim. As the introductory album for AGENCY, what a fitting title IDENTITY has become. Originally the album was just going to be called “AGENCY” by Agency, another one of the innumerable eponymous debut albums. But as the content evolved, it became clear this album was making a statement. Both thematically and musically, IDENTITY might be the most crucial and complete way of defining what Agency is and isn’t. IDENTITY is a powerful 12 track album that sorts through the never-ending cycle of love and self-acceptance.

Here’s what the act has said: “You will learn more through the stories presented in song. We cover the human experience… a wealth of material shedding light on our loves, our regrets, our hopes, and our fears. We are just humans who shed our tears through instruments and occasional shouts of joy. We are not defined by our bodies or what we like to eat or what kinds of pets we have at home. Or the places we travel. We are defined by song.” Despite this mystery and its relatively short existence, AGENCY has already gone on to be featured on a new track with house artist Ant LaRock, highlighted and remixed by house luminary Kenny Dope (Dopewax Records) on a number one Traxsource album and EP. This music is both autobiographical and metaphorical. We will not deny that everything you hear on this record is a recount of the development of a relationship, the highs and lows, the doubts and fears, the disappointment and the final resolution of all those emotions into a pledge of acceptance.

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