Americans Loves Dogs – Just Not At Restaurants

The other day I was discussing with my sister-in-law a throwaway idea of starting up a studio that specialized in photography and graphic design. We bounced ideas off of each other and casually mentioned that it would have to be pet friendly — the both of us owning several dogs that are more than just pets, they’re family. Now, I work in retail, and sometimes a customer will waltz right on in with a pet on a leash or inside their handbag and it absolutely makes my day! It is a morale booster and I am genuinely happy to interact with a canine friend. Our friends at YouGov posted some findings that while many Americans enjoy their canine and feline friends, they don’t actually want them in public spaces.

Many were open to the idea of having man’s best friend around for public transport, but were highly against taking them to restaurants, malls, and stores. I can sort of agree with being a pet-less environment in a fast food joint or restaurant due to health code violations (though some businesses allow pets as long as there is outdoor seating available). The idea of banning pets from stores goes over my head — on one hand, I can understand the potentially dangerous scenarios that could happen, but I’m also a firm believer in letting it be. I would love to see more dogs and cats visit my store, I would love to interact more with nature’s creatures.

At places such as bars, I’d be more reluctant to bring my four-legged companion. If someone were seen as threatening, there may be tension between beast and man and I’d rather be territorial over said beast. There is no easy answer nor can it be easily solved, but I think if more precautions were put in place, we would have the opportunity to see more of our pets taken to work, to the store, at restaurants instead of leaving them alone at home.

Courtesy of YouGov, full poll results can be found here and topline results and margin of error here.


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