Art Outside: Five Artists You Must See


Art Outside 2014 Lineup

Art Outside 2014 Lineup

Art Outside is fewer than fifty days away. I am stoked beyond belief. This beloved festival will be celebrating its tenth anniversary of raging this year on October 24th-26th. The fest is an experience unto itself. Held a short drive away from Austin, Texas, Art Outside welcomes people of all ages to join an environment of creativity and love and express themselves wholeheartedly. Nothing is too weird or too artistic for this circus-like event.

The ‘art’ of this fest includes a fantastically varied and talented musical lineup. This year perhaps outshines any other, in my opinion. It has a selection of groups every funk fan will enjoy, electronic producers from the most gifted echelon and a little bit of almost everything in between.

With stages featuring the likes of Emancipator, Conspirator, Papadosio, The Motet, The Polish Ambassador and so many more, it’s hard to narrow down this talent-packed lineup, but in the name of brevity, here are five artist that must not be missed!

The Widdler at the Parish courtesy of The Goff Experiment

1.) The Widdler: this producer has an incredibly distinct sound: drippy, sometimes chill sometimes additively upbeat, all with a  common thread of complexity and enjoyability. He seamlessly incorporates vocals or spoken word into syncopated, psychedelic rhythms that are both transcendent and relatable. And did I mention danceable? Yes very. He’ll have the crowd moving and shaking in no time.

2.) Golden Dawn Arkestra: this undeniably talented group of musicians, performance artists and circus runaways has a sound entirely to itself. Self-described with sub genres including “future” “saharan” “cinematic” and “afrodelic” this group offers an array of sounds. The group includes instrumentalists and a variety of performers adorned in regal robes, transporting the audience to another realm of mystical music.

3.) Blue Sky Black Death: this group’s decade-long career has ripened their sound into a rich, cinematically sonic environment. Their tracks tell emotional stories; combining synths, bass and electronic effects with strings and instrumentals. It is downtempo yet uplifting. Background music or active listening music – there is something there for everyone. I am particularly excited to see what this duo brings to their live performance.

DVS* at the Parish by Lily Parish

4.) DVS*: brings catchy beats, clever hooks and danceable rhythms to his audience. He incorporates drums and guitars with electronic dance sounds that create an incredibly pleasant and energetic listening experience. DVS* also creates phenomenal remixes; his 2013 remix of The Beatles’ “Because” broke the top 5 on Hype Machine earning him international attention. 

5.) Lynx: is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, beat-boxer and producer. This one-woman-force-to-be-reckoned-with has a soulful sound enriched by her many talents. She builds complex tracks with a combination of sounds often overlooked by the electronic world. Her songs are powerful and beautifully phrased. I am excited to see her talent live and in action

Truly, Art Outside is a festival not to be missed. It is my excuse to run away and join the circus. A time to celebrate

Art Outside 2013 by Lily Parish

Art Outside 2013 by Lily Parish

creativity and freakiness. This tenth year will be unbeatable; an incredible lineup, inspired artists, and intentional communities. I am excited to see all your faces there!

Listen to more of the AO music here.  And don’t forget to get your tickets right here and now! 

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