Electric Forest Music Festival Artist Spotlight

As Electric Forest approaches at the end of July, we need to start digging deep into that lineup to figure out the potential schedule. This year’s Electric Forest Music Festival artist spotlight goes to Glitch Mob, Aloe Blacc, Papadosio, and Zoogma.

Glitch Mob has been rather quiet since their album Drink the Sea in 2010, and since then, they have come out with two remixes in 2011 and 2012, remixing the likes of Bassnectar, Daft Punk, and the White Stripes. This year they came out with Love Death Immortality with Glass Air Records, and it hit #13 on Billboard.

Most have probably heard his songs “Wake Me Up” and “I need a Dollar” remixed a hundred different ways, but Aloe Blacc has more soul than any of those remix cuts could come close to. His sound is a melting pot of the fourties, fifties, and sixties blues, jazz, and big band sound mixed with contemporary styled beats. Blacc’s sound will be a breath of fresh air among the electronic-driven lineup, but because of his easily re-mixable and genuine sound, there is no question as to why he wouldn’t be present at Electric Forest. Dare we throw out the idea of a live remix/collaboration with Aloe during an EDM throwdown? It’s possible. In the meantime check out his latest album Lift Your Spirit.

The third band that is a must-see is Papadosio. They will be returning from 2012 for their second career performance at Electric Forest. Their sound flows drum and bass with absolutely beautiful synth and guitar overlays. Papadosio and Sherwood are going to go together like eggs and bacon. I think if there is one place to find your cloud, Sherwood is it.


Finally, the last artist, and lesser known, that Sensible Reason believes you shouldn’t miss is Zoogma. They are a power four-piece electro-driven group that produces everything from down-tempo inspired abstract hooks to screaming lead guitars over fat grooves. These up-and-comers will get the electronic dance jam party started. Check out their creative remix of “Thriller,” and in the meantime head over to their website for free music. (We’ll even give bums a dollar right? So donate if you can spare the change for music!)


Sean Hersch

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