Auroravizion Review: Diffraction Glasses

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Live music today seems to be almost as much about the light show and visuals as it is about the music. Auroravizion agrees and has a whole range of products aimed to augment and enhance your visual experience. Their line of diffraction glasses, commonly known as fireworks glasses, have made the rounds throughout the live music community. Rainbow diffraction lenses create spectrum starburst visuals when looking at lights. I have met several vendors of glasses and surprisingly they all sing praise about their main competitor Auroravizion because of their exceptional quality. Auroravizion sent Sensible Reason some of their products to test out. Lets see how they stack up to their reputation.

White Vizions: 3.5 stars

A side note, years ago I would buy paper diffraction glasses in bulk  and sell them for a few dollars a piece at festivals. They were fun and people love them. Unfortunately, once it rains they fall apart, they are easily bent or ripped, and the quality of the diffraction leans makes you dizzy after a short while.

Auroravizion has taken this general idea and refined it. Its clear from a close examination that AV took the time to find a quality maker of glasses to put their lenses in. Don’t be fooled. At first glance they seem just like plastic frames. Upon closer examination it’s clear they are of much higher quality then say the glasses they give out at weddings, bar mitzvas, or free promos. Holding them you can tell they would not fall apart after a few wears, a random manufacture defect, or you being unduly clumsy.

Black Double Vizions: 4 stars

The most exciting thing, at least for me and should be for all of the other visually impaired, is that these glasses fit easily over my regular glasses and stay on my face with no problem even during intense dancing.

Auroravizion has a huge offering of glasses in many styles and colors with additional functions for both indoor and daytime wear. Lets take a look at what  Auroravizion sent me.

I liked all of these glasses with their classic Ray-Ban-esq style, sturdy frame, and construction. The most impressive about these and all of the other glasses I have sampled from AV has been the precision of  diffraction. Unlike cheap lenses or paper glasses, everything was where it should be in my field of vision. This might be something hard to determine at live music where you and the lights are constantly moving. But if you take these glasses and look ata stationary light, their is minimal overlap in the individual “fractions” of light displaced by the lends, crating a kaleidoscopic effect. Its best understood by looking at a TV in a dark room with these on. The glasses are so pricise that they accurately diffract the whole image on the screen. This is a difficult effect to achieve and is a testament to the quality of the product.

Black Amber Vizions: 4 stars

Auroravizion has a range of products with various frame colors (they have a clear set that I particularly envy), lens tints, additional lenses options, and more. The prices are reasonable and they all come in a nice Auroravizion pouch to keep them safe from scratching. I haven’t been able to test the effects of wear and tear on them yet but all of the reviews I have gotten from sources unaffiliated with Auroravizion have been about the high quality design and materials used to craft these intriguing items.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars ****


You can find these glasses and a range of other products on Auroravizion’s webisite.

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