Author: Nina Wanerman

Israel’s Silent Refugee Crisis

Today, nearly 60 million peoples have been forced to leave their homes as a result of conflict and disaster. This is the largest number of displaced persons in the history of mankind. Israel, like...

3421: Coming to SXSW and NYC!

A new sound is coming to you from the Middle Eastern underground and it’s not to be ignored. 3421 is a live dubstep, bass and glitch duo based out of Haifa, Israel. Their live stage presence creates an unmatched whirlwind of energy that is an original breath of fresh air in today’s world of rinse/repeat computer-generated brostep.

Raja Ram Gets Lost in Sound

Just a few weeks ago, Shpongle played a show in the Israeli desert known as the Negev. Thanks to Lost in Sound, Sensible Reason was fortunate enough to talk with Godfather of Psy Trance himself, Raja Ram, and ask some follow-up questions about playing in Israel, his favorite musicians and more.