Bamboo Bass Festival 2018 Brings Global Community To Jaco Costa Rica

From February 16-19 the gorgeous locale of Jaco Beach, Costa Rica will once again welcome a vibrant and global community of electronic music lovers for the Bamboo Bass Festival 2018. Only in its third year, Bamboo Bass Festival is already creating waves in the world of electronic music. In February the incredible Jaco Ropes will be transformed into haven for bass lovers and adventure seekers from around the world.This event is a project driven to create an international epicenter for the celebration of bass Music, bass Culture, and art in Costa Rica.


For decades members of the bass music community have had to settle for side stages and dark corners at the world’s biggest festivals but now there is something very special happening in the jungles of Costa Rica. For everyone who loves low-end frequencies, Bamboo Bass is where you can go to find a like-minded tribe who are completely centered around the spirit of inclusion, love of music, and adventure.

Bamboo will continue to bring together local talent from all across Costa Rica as well as an array of globally renowned international artists. The lineup for Bamboo Bass Festival will drop in the next 7 days. Alumni of this one of a kind event include bass innovators like The Librarian, TRUTH, Stylust Beats, Space Jesus, and Mala. Speaking about her experience, at last year’s Bamboo Bass Festival, Canadian bass superstar ill-esha said:

Bamboo is a wonderful gem planted right in the center of anywhere you’d want to go in magical Costa Rica. Being an expat Canadian, I felt immediately warmed by the solid, easygoing and hardworking crew from the Great North and you can expect that impeccable Canadian generosity vibe combined with a good dose of Tico magic and a whole lot of international talent! I can’t wait to come back!


Bamboo Bass is growing each year with a close-knit family at its core. In that sense of togetherness and familial connectivity, Bamboo will be partnering with Karmik to provide a practical and caring harm reduction presence. Karmik is a west coast Harm Reduction organization which provides pragmatic harm reduction services to festivals and nightlife events across British Columbia. Based in Vancouver, BC, we advocate for evidence-based drug policy and community engagement through research, training programs, and public education.

Check out last year’s recap video and get a taste of what you can expect from this beautiful gem of an event. This festival is truly a unique marriage of Canadian and Tico culture, bringing together two of the most generous and inviting groups of people. Ticket prices are set to rise soon. Bamboo Bass is sure to be an unbelievable experience that any true bass lover will not want not want to miss.


Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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