Binghamtronica Presented by Oxfam & HeadCount

Come get down to 6+ HOURS of some of the freshest electronic acts that the north east has to offer. Tickets are $20, there is reentry as well as an area with vendors and LIVE painters. For TICKETS email

100% of proceeds go to Oxfam America and Headcount.
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Brothers Past (two sets)

Jeff Bujak
Jeff Bujak is a Northampton, MA based keyboardist/producer/composer who has fathered a new style of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) that dives deep in the waters of complex live electronica. Following no rules or boundaries with his songwriting, tied with his fathomless talent of live improvisation, Bujak is carving a new path in the music scene one live performance at a time. Bujak’s newest full-length release on Harmonized Records, “Alive Like the Spine” tests and pushes the walls of what’s being done in the electronica community and crosses into classical, progressive rock and jazz territories to create something truly fresh, smart and original. Finally, something different.

Horizon Wireless
DJ/Producer Harrison Waxenberg has been making music since he was able to tie his shoes. This might have been later than most children his age, but better late than never. After playing numerous shows and festivals under this moniker for the past year, Horizon Wireless seems to only be picking up speed and momentum. With the addition of Sol Montoya (Digifront) on drums, Horizon Wireless becomes a storm of soul smashing beats, titillating harmonies, and wet melodies. This sonic tsunami can easily induce multiple crowdgasms. Bringing a towel to shows is not only recommended, but also encouraged.

InK Line
Ink Line grew up on the mean streets of Merrick NY. Were he got involved in gang life and turned to a life of crime, dropped out of high school and served jail time for the aggravated assault of the Sultan of Oman. In jail he learned to beatbox, so well in fact that when he got out he started to lay down tracts for names such as Matisyahu and Nas. Recognizing his talent producer Dr. Dre got him his own studio to make beats in and explore his musical genius. What came out of those sessions was the grimiest dubbist versions of show tunes that the world has ever seen. After that album titled “Lies, Lies, Lies” was released to critical acclaim, it went platinum in just two days. InK Line after that laid low during the east coast west coast feud and has now resurfaced to bring his new material to the masses.

A trio from Upstate New York, SOLARiS is an eclectic group of artists and musicians who’ve come together to create one cohesive sound. Jared, keyboardist, is an artist/sculptor as well as a classical pianist and arranger. Vince, bassist, is Jared’s room mate and life long friend as well as an inspiring poster and print artist for DSO and Phish to name a few. Daniel Lyons, drummer, is from Ithaca and has been playing drums, self-taught, for 12 years. Together they have formed a trio that plays off of their collective musical interests: from acid jazz, fusion, and sci-fi inspired electronica to break-beats, drum and bass, dubstep, and more. Solaris is an instrumental meld of musical styles that vary in genre, but all have one thing in common: the ability to make you get out of your seat and dance.!/Solaris.Trio

a href=”″ title=”Binghamtronica Presented by Oxfam & HeadCount green by GSarafan, on Flickr”>Binghamtronica Presented by Oxfam & HeadCount green

100% of proceeds go to Oxfam America and Headcount.

Oxfam America is an internal humanitarian organization that works to find sustainable means to end poverty and hunger.

HeadCount is a grassroots organization that uses the power of music to inspire participation in democracy. Since 2004, we’ve staged massive voter registration drives around the country and signed up over 150,000 voters. Our work is now expanding to include all forms of civic engagement, providing the tools for music fans to be socially and politically active. Our message is simple: “Make your voice heard every day, not just on Election Day.”

Founded by a collective of musicians and fans, our supporters include Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Phish and many other top recording artists. Marc Brownstein, bassist for the popular electronic rock band The Disco Biscuits, serves as our co-chair and Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir sits on our Board of Directors.

Musicians and their fans have the potential to be leaders in worldwide social movements. HeadCount is focused on harnessing that potential and translating into real action. With the backing of major musicians, we have a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire. With street teams in 40 cities and thousands of volunteers, we have a proven ability to rally young activists. By combining the individual power of the artists with the aggregate power of their fans, we can create a force as influential as music itself.

Binghamtronica Presented by Oxfam & HeadCount

Greg Sarafan

Greg Sarafan founded Greg Sarafan’s Sensible Reason in 2007. He started blogging for HeadCount in January 2011. Soon after he organized and ran a small but successful charity festival called Binghamtronica to benefit HeadCount and OxFam America. He is a Team Leader in NYC as well as Artist Relations representative for HeadCount. Greg has BAs in political science and art history from Binghamton University. Greg has a J.D. as well as a Certificate in Intelectual Property, Media and Privacy from Brooklyn Law School . Greg also volunteers for OxFam America as a Concert Outreach Coordinator. In 2009 Greg presented his theory of Artistic Stylistic Transmission in the Royal Mughal Atelier at an art history symposium at Ohio State University.

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