Buku Music & Art Project Starts Out With A Bang

IMG_5957New Orleans may be known for its wonderful cuisine, or its wide array of street performers lining its corridors, or even for the “gutter punks” wandering the avenues, but most of all, it is known for its music. Intriguing sounds filter in from every bar, restaurant, and corner. You cannot help but tap your feet to some phantom beat as you stroll down Royal Street, or while you grab a drink, enjoying the wild nightlife that Bourbon Street has to offer. On Thursday March 20th, the loudest sounds and most outrageous party could easily be traced back to a local venue called Republic New Orleans.

1_MG_5498Located just blocks from the French Quarter, Republic New Orleans is a relatively small, intimate venue with bare wooden support beams and chandeliers adorning the ceiling, and due to this particular night, it is a surprise that any of it is still standing. As a way to kick-start the festivities, the Buku Music & Art Project held a banger of a show at the Republic featuring the hard-hitting sounds of Cookie Monsta, Dr. P, Mizuki, and Kthulu Prime.


There was no shortage of brain-rattling bass, and attendees were treated to some of the dirtiest, grimiest dubstep you can find. Drinks flowed freely as music fans shook, rattled, and raged late into the evening. The energy at the show was nearly tangible, as people became more and more pumped up for Friday and the official beginning of Buku. Audience members were clad in all sorts of costumes, outfits, and multi-colored masks, adding to the surreal musical environment. One could not help but move as Dr. P and company dropped track after track of spine-melting dub.

_MG_5783The days to follow will be absolutely packed with some of the greatest music being produced today, or ever. Friends will be made and memories forever ingrained. Lives will be changed while letting loose next to the Mighty Mississippi, and there could be no more appropriate way to ignite the Buku Music & Art Project than the out-of-this-world party held at Republic New Orleans.

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