Camp Bisco Review

Camp Bisco Eleven, WOW how about it?!?!?! With much-needed changes facing them this year, everyone involved stepped up to make this year’s Camp bigger, better and safer for all. Not only did they address past issues from previous Camps, they turned it into a well-oiled machine.Ferris Wheel

    I was very impressed with them letting us in Wednesday night. From the time we arrived in line through the search and setting up our camp, it only took 45 minutes.  I do believe that is a personal speed record for getting into any festival! The port-a-potties were cleaned multiple times a day all weekend long. The extra ATM’s were a huge bonus, very nice touch putting some in the main concert grounds. I was extremely pleased with the additional med tents, especially the ones located throughout the camp grounds!
    Although the heat kept me from going out to every set I wanted to see, I had a blast this year, which was a welcome relief considering last year’s Camp. This year was extremely exciting for me for so many reasons. First and foremost, I was able to donate one of my new Antzled Imaginationoverload pieces to Headcount, a foundation that registers Future Rockvoters. I was able to go with a friend that had never been to Camp Bisco before.  Yeah, that’s right, I brought him to the dark side! During the Disco Biscuits day set I was able to meet up with Greg from Sensible Reason.  We chilled and I dropped off my art for The Mint Green Festival to him.  Of course the meeting of new friends is my favorite part of Camp Bisco!
    The music was just amazing this year! I was able to  feed my Disco Biscuits addiction with a The Disco Biscuits light show Pink and yellow lightssound check and 6 good sets (How long before City Bisco?).  Highlights for me were Future Rock, Zed’s Dead and Lotus.  I must say, Amon Tobin Isam’s set break was INCREDIBLE! In my opinion, it was the best set break at Camp Bisco in the past few years.  His set up was unbelievable!
 I only had a couple complaints this year. First and foremost, please look out for your friends and other campers as well. Saturday night during one set, two people came out of the crowd dragging their friend.  As they approached, I asked if their friend needed a medic.  They nodded yes.  I ran for a medic and my friend Nick helped the girl over the rail to the waiting medic.  As he turned Crowd shotaround, her friends headed back into the crowd.  I am sorry, no set is worth leaving your friend high and dry surrounded by strangers! You go to a set together, you leave the set together, no matter what!
My second complaint was all the totem poles/sticks/umbrellas people were holding up in the middle of the crowd. Good gravy, is that necessary ? How about putting those things down once the set starts! I paid to see the bands, not your totem poles! If you must have them, how about hanging out in the back of the concert grounds? Okay, end of rant!
  Great job everyone, this year’s Camp was spectacular!  See ya next year, Campers!

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