Chasing Shambhala: Amine Edge & Dance Get Us Ready For Their Shambhala Debut

Building on a massively successful 2015, the enigmatic French duo Amine Edge & Dance are pressing forward with undeniable swagger and guile. On August 24th, Amine Edge & Dance will be releasing their first album, Past Before Future, for free via their very own label, CUFF. As world-renowned taste makers of the dance music scene, Anime Edge and Dance are poised to make their debut at one of the most beloved and well-respected festivals in North America, Shambhala.

In this exclusive interview with the Marseille-based twosome, we discuss their upcoming album, what they love about being on tour and why they are looking forward to Shamabhala. The festival kicks off on Thursday; Amine Edge & Dance will be bringing their incredible hip-hop infused house beats to the Pagoda stage at 1 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Sensible Reason: Your new album Past Before Future will be released on August 24th; can you let us know what we can expect from the forthcoming project?

Amine Edge & DANCE : It’s our first album, we just wanted to gift it to our fans for the eternal support, so we gave them some of our most wanted tracks that we never released but that people know because we played them in clubs.

SR: You are also releasing Past Before Future for free as a thank you to your massive fan base. How important is it for you to give back to your supporters and show your appreciation?

Amine Edge: I don’t want to sound cliché, but I’m what I call a giver — I give without expecting in return, help my friends, help my people around me etc… it’s important to give, that’s one of the reason we record and upload all our sets, it’s important to give, it feels good and it makes people feel good.

DANCE: We just try to be nice and grateful to all these people who still support us everywhere in the world. We are here because of them so we have to show them some love in return.

SR: What was it like working with the legendary DJ Sneak on your lead single “Real Girls Fall Fake Girls Talk”?

A E & D : We went first to a sick Chinese restaurant, destroyed the whole table, then we went to his crib in Toronto, listening to some ideas and loops for hours without actually make music, Sneak then sent us a project, we changed almost everything but we kept lots of his loops and stuff, that’s a perfect collab, how we like them. He is a good friend, so it’s really easy to work with him.

SR: Can you tell us the origin of your enigmatic name, Amine Edge and DANCE?

Amine Edge:  LOL my first name is Amine, I took Edge from « Kevin Hedge » from Blaze at this time as I was a crazy fan, and I am still, I hope he will never be pissed about that.

DANCE: You’ll never know why my name is DANCE, it’s a long, boring and stupid story.

SR: You guys had a packed 2015 with a world tour that saw you perform at over 100 venues. What would you say is your favorite part of being on the road?

Amine Edge: Traveling makes you grow faster, staying in the same city all your life, talking with the same people doesn’t help, so we are lucky with that.  My favourite part is that I finally don’t have to struggle with money, and I’ll never be poor again, it’s a shame in the House world to talk about money which is totally different in hip-hop, so yes I fucking love being paid to play music and suck my dick if you think I don’t deserve it, that’s why we are hip-hop!

DANCE: To meet some girls from everywhere is my favourite part, lol.

SR: Can you tell our readers a bit about your label CUFF? How and when did it start? How would you describe the vibe and essence of the imprint?

AE & D : We started in 2012, signing tracks making the buzz, but released stuff in 2013. The idea was simply to create and own a brand that we could be proud of, we have attitude, taste and we are original creators, that’s the reason we have this success I guess.

SR: Growing up in Marseille what first inspired the hip-hop influences that are present in your music?

AE & D : We have never really been inspired by any genre to do our music, we go in the studio and have fun.

SR: Who are some current hip-hop artists that you draw inspiration from?

Amine Edge: Same as my first answer, I don’t take inspiration from somebody else, I do my own shit.

DANCE: We listen to a lot of hip-hop like Travis Scott, Young Thug, Skepta etc… But yeah, they don’t really inspire us. We just love their music.

SR: What is it like for you touring here in the US? How would you say crowds in Europe differ from crowds in the states?

AE & D: The crowd in the States is waiting for the drop, they created the sentence « wait for it » when it comes to Drum n Bass. In Europe they are more subtle, they don’t need a massive drop to react to good music.

SR: I’m heading up to Shambhala this year and I can’t wait to see you guys perform there for the first time. What have you heard about that festival?

AE & D: Shiba San told us that it’s freezing as fuck and a nightmare if you like luxury like Mariah Carey does but we also heard that it’s no alcohol allowed and we respect that. It’s in nature where there are massive trees and rivers, hell yeah! Our booker Chad will be there it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

SR: I read in an article that Amine Edge doesn’t drink and Shambhala has a no alcohol policy, do you think that policy will foster a better environment for the artist and the festival goers?

Amine Edge: DANCE loves his bottle of vodka or champagne. I will have to hug him to make him forget the pain.

DANCE: Yeah, it’s gonna be hard for the alcoholic that I am but why not? I will feel like Amine for once!

SR: How do you feel about everything that is happening in your native country? Do you feel like your music can be used as an escape for your listeners and hopefully a source of enjoyment and healing?

AE & D: We hope so man, terrorism is like cancer, it’s hard, sometimes impossible to fight it, they are cowards who shoot in the back, what can we say, we are born free, we will die free.

Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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