City Bisco Artist Spotlight: Shpongle

^ Do you want to look like this guy? Then go get Shpongled at City Bisco on September 28th!

A favorite of Biscuit-heads as well as music lovers of all kinds, this mini fest produced by the Disco Biscuits brings in acts from a variety of genres to help ease us out of festival season. Whether you’re going through Camp Bisco withdrawal, or just want an excuse to party, City Bisco is just around the corner!

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 3.26.44 PM

One of the most notable acts on the roster is Shpongle, the trippy duo from the UK comprised of Simon Posford and Raja Ram. While the two rarely make live appearances, Simon’s DJ set is notoriously filthy, magical, and even transcendent. As the OGs of psybient music, you can anticipate being taken to another planet with their psychedelic vibes and conscious-expanding lyrics. This is a genre that doesn’t exist much in the US, and it’s truly an experience unlike any other.

Our own Nina Wanerman was fortunate enough to sit down with Raja Ram when he performed in Israel back in March — check out that interview here, which delves into the unique experience of psytrance, their latest album, and more.

Get your tickets now for City Bisco, and don’t forget to catch Shpongle on the 28th! Here’s a little taste:

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