Climate Change is Heating Up the Winter Olympics


The upcoming Winter Olympics, hosted in Sochi, are starting to fear the wrath of climate change as the games draw nearer. With just about a week before the Olympics begin, organizers are beginning to stress that high temperatures and rain could make alpine events impossible. Sochi, itself, is one of the warmest cities to ever host the winter Olympics, but had moved the alpine events to a nearby mountain, in order to try and prevent this situation from occurring.

Climate change isn’t a new topic, but the side effects are becoming increasingly apparent. With such a public event to be affect will perhaps encourage more preventive changes in government. From a recent study, by the University of Waterloo in Canada and Management Center Innsbruck in Austria, there is evidence that only six of the 19 previous winter games host cities would be able to host the games again by the end of the century. Winter athletes have expressed their concern before and have become advocates for the cause.

The Olympics are a global celebration, perhaps this is the best place for climate change to remind us that it hasn’t gone away.

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