Costa Rica’s Seminal Envision Music & Arts Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary This February

When human beings convene with like-minded goals, powerful movements can begin. Gatherings have inspired before technology and will continue to drive hope in places that could use it. The 10th annual Envision Festival will be a culmination of music, art, dance, spirituality, and learning. Nestled right off the beach in Costa Rica‘s Pacific Ocean side in an area called Uvita, there lies an intuitive blueprint for a festival aimed at healing and growing humanity. This year it will be a week-long celebration from February 17-24 hosting 3 stages for music, multiple workshops and speeches, as well as yoga and movement projects.

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Tipper and Rufus Du Soul are the main headliners during this week of music supported by Sensible Reason favorites Clozee, Emancipator, Random Rab, Stylust, Govinda, The Funk Hunters, Lazy Syrup Orchestra, Moontricks, Of the Trees, Kursa, Jan Blomqvist, Monolink, and Yokoo to name a few standouts. There is a wonderful variety of mind expanding music alongside pleasurable groovy acts to let the attendee explore the realms of bass, live band, techno, idm, and many sounds in between. While the artists are a drawing point of Envision the experience goes way beyond the music down to the culture of the festival and its promoters.



Hearing great things about how forward thinking this festival is brings promise, in a world where commercialization has taken over a lot of the music industry it is great to have faith in curated events that leave the visitor with something productive. Envision aims to spark a new inspiration on music, art, mindfulness, expression, health, philosophy, and consciousness. Bringing out the best musicians and innovators to help shape the world to be a better place. Costa Rica is the perfect location for this event with its eco friendly attitude and progressive mindset. Although lots of the population comes from the cities, we need to aim to preserve the natural beauty that the world has to offer while using technology and science to build a more sustainable and intelligent society.

Joseph Lou

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