Cpt. Hyperdrive’s Gorgeous, Sexy “Burning Roses” [Exclusive Premiere]

We at Sensible Reason are thrilled to bring you the title single from producer Cpt. Hyperdrive‘s new album, Burning Roses.

When we first heard the sexy, soulful music of Asheville, NC-based Cpt. Hyperdrive, we were immediately hooked. His deep beats are perfect for late-night listening at a party or a festival out in the woods, and his songs are filled with liquid, pulsing rhythms that speak the language of the body in motion.

Cpt. Hyperdrive, Moogfest 2014. Credit: Manny Figaro

Cpt. Hyperdrive, Moogfest 2014. Credit: Manny Figaro

Now Cpt. Hyperdrive is releasing his debut album November 11th, and he’s doing it slowly, mirroring the sensual groove of the music itself. The song-by-song release begins with the self-titled single, “Burning Roses,” which we are premiering exclusively today.

“Burning Roses” is an immersive track that builds to an energetic peak of emotional intensity and opens up into the sounds of a transcendent freedom. Based in the universal experiences of love and heartbreak, it charts the evolution of a connection that lives on through creative expression.

According to Hyperdrive,

“Like the long periods of emptiness felt during heartbreak, ‘Burning Roses’ opens minimally, with a powerful deep churning bass and droning melancholy pad. Filtered RnB vocal chops hauntingly blend with reverb-soaked hats creating a watery groove to swim through. Stripping itself to only the bass, drums, and sparse notes from a weeping guitar, the song creates space that allows the listener to dive in. Energy elevates smoothly as floating crystalline arps lift the track double time. For the triumphant finale, a soaring Moog synth lead and simple yet, soulful piano melody carry the song out. ‘Burning Roses’ takes the listener through the rich and revelatory journey of the emotions we all feel when we leave the person we love.”

Cpt Hyperdrive

Cpt. Hyperdrive. Photo: Sarah Luca

Cpt. Hyperdrive is one half of the duo BomBassic, and has played multiple festivals, including Moogfest, Kinnection, and Moog’s AHA AVL, and has played with acts including Blockhead, Eskmo, Desert Dwellers, Manic Focus, Michael Menert, Aligning Minds, Pumpkin, Clozee, Eliot Lipp, Living Light, and more.

Stream “Burning Roses” through Sensible Reason below.

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