CRSSD 2017 Kickstarts the Festival Season

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CRSSD Festival made its Southern California debut in 2014 when there was such a thing as a true festival season. The biannual event pulled summer into fall and kickstarted spring just a bit before its time. These days, festivals are all but year-round affairs, forcing events into ever-greater feats of differentiation to draw audiences. CRSSD started, as its name suggests, as a crossover festival — Coachella meets EDC for the underground set. Previous headliners have included classics and indie darlings in addition to the otherwise electronic sets. This year marks a change in lineups that have previously included The Flaming Lips and Empire of the Sun. What CRSSD 2017 offers instead is a well-curated electronic lineup ranging from up-and-comers to ubiquitous producers on techno and house music fans’ favorite playlists.

CRSSD 2017 takes place Saturday and Sunday, March 4th and 5th in San Diego’s scenic Waterfront Park. Headliners Flume and Bob Moses will be sure to draw crowds, though many will turn up to catch their new favorite producers. CRSSD may be San Diego’s best loved electronic music festival, but this is no provincial production. The roster of artists includes a heavy rotation of Dirtybird artists as well as producers getting changes of scenery from prestigious residencies in Ibiza and Berlin.

One more thing setting CRSSD apart from the season’s other electronic music events is that it overtly rejects rave culture. This is a 21+ event that goes so far as to prohibit totems, hula hoops, LED gloves and toys, and “heavily discourages” rave attire. If your festi goals include being seen and making a scene, CRSSD is most likely not for you. Save your time and money for EDC. On the other hand, if you’re in it for the music and to connect with a community of like-minded, music-loving, fun-seekers, CRSSD might be just the event to set the festival tone for 2017. 

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