Delivering instant Nirvana via Headphones: A Review of Cosmal’s EP, Cosmalogy 101

CosmologyCosmal has been making his unique mark as an emerging solo performer and his EP, Cosmalogy 101 displays his talents as a one-man jam. Cosmal is a solo live music performance involving the layering and looping of different instruments, progressive build ups, and rampant improvisation. He layers sounds to create the energy of a full band or DJ, improvising and swaying between genres. Cosmal has been creating world/trance/fusion music around the East Coast. Just like his live performances, Ryan “Cosmal” Coyle is in complete control during the creation process by being his own vocalist, percussionist, guitarist, keyboardist, and live DJ. Cosmal is able to seamlessly combine elements of reggae, trance, and world sounds to present a mutli-layered trance-jam or what he describes as “Conscious Minded Music for Conscious Minded People.”

Inspired by the psytrance originator Shpongle and the bluegrass solo guitarist Keller Williams, who also uses live looping with multiple instruments, Cosmal started experimenting at an early age with layers and loops in order to make his signature surreal sound.

“It’s all about getting in touch with your higher self, letting go of your ego, finding ultimate love and power through expressive creativity to connect with one another,” Cosmal recently told Sensible Reason.

Ryan “Cosmal” certainly does provide interesting connections by means of trance beats, sounds from all over the globe, rock guitar, reggae soundscapes, and poetic lyrics.

While listening to Cosmology 101 continuously with headphones, “Energiko I & II” make up the first two tracks on the five track EP. Both songs use a downtempto, ambient synthesiser similar to the French dream-pop band, Air.  “Unspoken Truth” displays Cosmal’s ability to utilize his guitar skills along with his skills as an EDM producer..  During “Kundalini Rise,” Cosmal sings a prayer, “Look inside/ Relax your ego/ And shine, which could easily be a daily mantra. “Kundalini Shine” complements the preceding song and is the concluding track on the EP .

Cosmology 101’s profound tranquil music is especially good while relaxing with headphones on and also for meditation. Cosmal’s in-depth, multi-facetted music effectively gives the listener a cleansing feeling of inner peace and a greater sense of being in tune with the universe as a whole. The whole album can be streamed for free or downloaded at The digital album is $5 and the physical album is $10. The first track can be downloaded for free when you choose to pay any amount. The entire EP can also be streamed for free on Soundcloud at

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