Digital Tape Machine: “It’s more of a focus group than a practice.”

“It’s more of a focus group than a practice… what not to do compared to what to do.” -Dan Rucinski

I recently sat down with Dan Rucinski (guitarist)  and Joe Hettinga (pianist) from Digital Tape Machine, a band that spawned from Chicago’s deep music scene. “I knew Joe and Joe has grown up with Joel and obviously the Joel and Kris connection through there, so a lot of music Chicago experiences kind of fuzed the group together,” Rucisnski said. The band itself started as a “video game music” experiment that morphed into a side project with two albums and music to spare.

Within this interview Dan and  Joe vividly describe the limitations and capabilities of the electronic music median. “There’s not a lot of room for error in electronic music,” Rucinski said. “Because it is obviously a dj sport too.” The future has much in store for electronic music.

This band has members involved in several other projects. Writing music and scheduling practice/recording sessions must be something like a sudoku nightmare. No matter how complicated it can be the creation process is not destroyed. “I felt like all my ideas have been really welcomed with the new songs,” Hettinga said.

Their band bio can be found on their website and don’t forget to check out their new album Be Here Now. 

This interview is split into two parts. The first is provided below and the second can be found here. Enjoy.


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