Diversity At Buku Music & Art Project

It seems these days that most festivals are catered to one style, whether it be rock, jam, electronic, etc. Every once in a while you might catch a festival that mixes a couple of these styles, but then of course there’s opposition from both sides about letting the enemy get in on the fun. It seems this year that festivals are warming up to the idea of festival diversity and allowing the best from a handful of genres to create a star-studded lineup that everyone can appreciate. Buku Music & Art Project in New Orleans is the first festival we’ve seen this year to take diversity to an entirely new level.

There is truly something for everyone at this year’s Buku. With headliners such as Bassnectar and Flosstradamus, you’d think that the bass kids would dominate, but as the list continues we see hip-hop favorites like A$AP Rocky, jam legends STS9, rock stars TV on the Radio, the kings of sampling Odesza, and the list goes on. It seems no 2 headliners on the Buku lineup are alike, and that can only mean the most musically driven fans will be in attendance. It’s easy to pin oneself as an “EDM lover,” hit up every festival where Deadmau5 will show up, and call yourself a festival vet. It seems the lineup at Buku is almost designed to weed out the generic festival goers and target those who are true fans of the artists attending.

It’s refreshing to see new music and have new experiences, with Buku also being an art festival, the music is only half of the experience. Art installations and live paintings are a given, but who truly knows what to expect? This year’s lineup is phenomenal and extremely versatile, and we’re excited to see what they bring to the table this year. Buku Music & Art Project will be held March 13 and 14 in New Orleans.

Ashley Cizek

Went to school at UW-Madison, graduating with a BA in psychology. I hula-hoop, I write, I enjoy sunlight.

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