DJ QBert, Jeremy Ellis Headline Final Night of Waveforms 2.0 [Preview]

The final night of Waveforms 2.0, which has proven to be a seriously top-notch series, is happening this coming Wednesday, November 12th at the Asheville Music Hall. While the format is the same, the lineup once again brings together complementary and cutting-edge performers, each with distinct styles and sounds. Last week’s Artikal Records show brought crowds from across the area and I’m confident that the artists this week will draw an audience just as varied. If you haven’t gotten to Waveforms so far, don’t miss this final opportunity to see some of the best acts in electronic music. This week is about getting the analog on and throwing in a hearty dose of good old-fashioned record scratching and turntablism.

Musashi Xero, who also performed in the second session of Waveforms earlier in October, returns to the stage with his uniquely chilled-out contribution to hyper-intelligent hip hop. Musashi is a prolific artist and a performer to keep an eye on. He was awesome last time and I expect he’ll be bringing some new material to the stage for this round. He’s been hard at work ensuring that his name is instantly recognizable in Asheville and it’s only a matter of time before he really blows up. Check out the dreamy poetry of “Lost It” below:

Vinyl Time Travelers are four artists who go back to the roots of DJing with their distinctive turntable-focused sound. Their influences include jazz, hip hop, soul, R&B, and house, ensuring that we’ll be in for a wild old-school ride. These Asheville-based producers–DJs Appaloosa, Ra Mak, Jason Stallings, and Kutzu–pull from tradition while embracing innovation with sound that’s somewhere between the future and the past, just as their name implies. Check out the video below (of DJ Appaloosa creating some damn fine and funky beats) for a taste of what’s coming our way when these guys hit the stage on Wednesday.

Jeremy Ellis is a madly-skilled performer, producer, and finger drummer whose innovative and experimental beats are also seamless and always dance-worthy. Ellis is something of a wunderkind when it comes to performing and his incredible ability on the Maschine Studio (from Native Instruments) has become legendary. Known for his live performances on Maschine and other technologies–both vintage and vanguard–Ellis is a tour de force of electronic music. Really, there’s not much else to say about Ellis except that he possesses an insane amount of talent and there’s no excuse to miss seeing him live. If you still have any doubts, watch this:

Ellis has been touring with headliner DJ Qbert throughout the past month and the prospect of seeing both of these guys on the same night is pretty damn exciting. DJ Qbert, a DMC World Champion and Hall of Fame Inductee, has become an icon of dance music, scratching, and turntablism. He creates complex, intricate beats and sounds that combine fantastic amounts of skill with irreverence, playfulness, and unmatched energy. He recently released a highly-anticipated double album, Extraterrestria / GalaXXXian (2014), featuring guests artists that include Tipsy, Chad Hugo, Kool Keith, Del the Funky Homosapien, and El-P. While Extraterrestria, according to Qbert’s website, “is a wide collection of various types of music from other planets and dimensions from around the galaxy,” GalaXXXian is Earth’s gift back to the galaxy. DJ Qbert–as well as all of the other performers we’ve seen over the past month–is definitely Waveforms’ gift to us.

Aligning Minds will make their final appearance at Waveforms and I’m excited to see what they have in store for us. As if the consistently incredible lineup itself wasn’t enough, Mike Folk has also been providing Asheville with some of the best beats in town for weeks now. Get thee to Waveforms, kiddies. As with all good things, Waveforms hasn’t stuck around for nearly long enough. Tickets here.

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