Ecliptics Unveils New ‘Arrival’ EP At Rose Gold W/ Mantra Sounds, Charmae & Toe Drag

In today’s musical landscape artists are constantly looking to blend new genres and sonic dialects in bold ways. Nostalgic elements of techno, hip hop and electro are constantly being reimagined with groundbreaking experimental elements. Amidst his eclectic and kaleidoscopic new world innovative artists step forward. John Soderland aka Ecliptics has been preparing his debut release for months, in a style he refers to as a mix between glitch hop and experimental bass. His background as a drummer for a metal band and producer of pop music influenced him on his sound design while adapting it to a heavier bass palate. On January 11, Ecliptics will celebrate the release of his debut album at Rose Gold in Brooklyn with Mantra Sounds, Charmae, and Toe Drag. Get your free tickets here.

The project is entitled ‘Arrival’ to distinguish John’s place in the industry where he is looking to leave his mark.  Ecliptics is always pushing to learn and create a new and enthralling sound that will set him apart from the rest of the pack. This rising producer is constantly learning new techniques to incorporate into his craft. This project marks the first EP released by New York-based collective Heart Beats via their new label.

This past year Ecliptics traveled with the thriving Heart Beats collective to the Salmo River Ranch for the 22nd annual Shambhala Music Festival where he had the opportunity to immerse himself in the culture and inner workings of the music industry. Ecliptics performed alongside Stylust, Pigeon Hole, Jaenga, Matt Wax, and Charmae at the official Portland Shambhala pre-party and has made appearances at a handful of events in New York. He knows how to rile the crowd and bring the energy out of people.

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This 6 song EP is the first release of the brand new Heart Beats Record label which has a vision to scout, develop, and collaborate with new artists and sounds. Heart Beats resident artist Charmae makes an appearance on the track Down to Earth, a trippy melodic track which spins the listener into a lullaby based stupor. Reality Flip is the second piece off the EP which begins with an eerie quote which questions thinking and consciousness, an introspective look into the mind tuned with the classical piano and glitchy bass that Ecliptics is known for. We come to the middle of the album with Blind Spot a track that features vocals by John Soderland himself, the energy that Blind Spot provokes is a strong vibe which showcases the elongated bass notes, they explode through the speakers coming at the listener. Following Hansel paints a picture of a fairytale world, an expedition where one has to open their minds to understand. The song Interval dictates a powerful story of progression through life, a classic piano tone begins this track followed by a smooth flowing bassline. Wubbles is the last track off of this project, a song that pays homage to the deep bass sounds that are prevalent all through this album.

We have the opportunity to reflect on all the amazing things that have occurred during the past 10 years. Engineers in sound design have taken the craft into a different dimension. Music festivals are all over the world now and many up and coming artists have the ability to expand their reach with social media. The arrival of this EP will be the first work of many by Ecliptics and next decade will be full of new collaborations and philosophies.

On January 11, Ecliptics will be joined by Mantra Sounds, Charmae, and Toe Drag. Get your free tickets here.



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