EDC NYC 2014 – Hot And Heavy Across The Hudson

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Ravers in the Greater New York Area are gearing up for 2014’s Electric Daisy Carnival, coming to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on the weekend of May 24-25. The colorful, kandi-ridden and star studded EDM fest is gearing up for a colossal weekend of world renowned DJs, huge, half-naked crowds and hopefully no mayoral interference this time around.

The lineup has yet to be announced for the festival, but according to their website ravers need not look any further than a mirror for the main attraction. EDC’s site wants every fan to know ‘You are the headliner,’ in an effort to encourage body paint, intriguing costumes, multi-colored bracelets (kandi) and the like. A few things to look for at EDC New York this year will be interactive environments, art installations, carnival rides (EDC self-describes as an ‘oversized adult playground’) and much more.

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One thing to take into account is this year’s zero tolerance policy on drugs of any kind. Ravers attending should be advised that ‘TSA style’ searches will be conducted at entry and to expect ‘a full pat down’ (which could mean a lot of things) as well as bag searches. This is most likely an effort to prevent any drug related tragedies from occurring this year. EDC 2013’s third day was cancelled by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg after 2 fans suffered drug related deaths. For the record, the former mayor did not blame the festival itself; he instead advised ravers to take serious precautions and to party responsibly, especially in hot weather and large crowds.

The festival will feature free water refill stations throughout the venue. Ravers are encouraged to ‘play hard, not high’ and to watch out for anyone who may need help due to drug use.

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New York’s Electric Daisy Carnival should be one for the ages, and this time with new precautions in place there should be less drug mishaps and tragedies. Be safe, but get excited! Here’s EDC’s official preview video:

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