EDM on Snapchat: EDC, Tiesto, Baggi Begovic, Valentino Khan, and… Sensible Reason!

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If you’re an avid Snapchatter, then you must have seen the latest 40 second snap from Team Snapchat (see the video below)! The video felt like forever as compared to the usual less-than-ten-second snaps we usually get, but it also was some very new and exciting news: EDC has teamed up with Snapchat to allow crowdsourced snaps that will tell the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas story. It is a totally new and innovative marketing concept with Snapchat. What’s amazing is that fans will do all of the work for EDC: they will be uploading the amazing short videos and photos from EDC and fans around the globe will be able to watch! Hopefully there will be powerful, on-site 4G or wifi available– it’s not uncommon for festivals to promote that they have free wifi for fans, only for the wifi to be so saturated with users that it is totally ineffective. Likewise, with so many people in one area using their phones at all times, cell towers can’t keep up and calls, texts, and internet connections are basically useless. I’ve had this experience at major festivals including Ultra, Mysteryland, and Electric Forest, so hopefully EDC can come up with a powerful IT solution in advance. If there is internet connection available, hopefully Snapchat is powerful enough to support the tens of thousands of Snapchatters who will be uploading photos and videos constantly.

It makes sense that the video would highlight a new track from Tiesto: “he” is constantly Snapchatting. It’s not really him that sends snaps, usually someone from is digital marketing team will take short video of him performing at a live show anywhere around the globe and upload it to Tiesto’s Snapchat story for all of his followers to see. Many artists are on Facebook, but Tiesto is THE most active artist that I know of. Tiesto (or his marketing team) has clearly identified Snapchat as a priority and as a great way of connecting with fans. He’s also one of the major EDC LV headlines and beloved by all EDM junkies. Therefore, for him to partner up with EDC LV in the video, which obviously promotes his new track while also promoting the festival and their new marketing campaign (as well as Snapchat), makes a lot of sense. It’s a win-win for everyone involved: Tiesto’s fans will be happy to see him in the story, EDC LV fans will be excited to participate in the festival on another level, EDC will crowdsource it’s best videos and photos from it’s fans (thus having them do all the work), I’m sure Tiesto is happy to be promoted, and Snapchat is getting promoted to EDC fans and, from press like this, to the world. Smart move guys!

Back in December/January, Snapchat was all the buzz in the social media marketing world. Many social media marketing blogs were asking, “How can you integrate Snapchat with your brand?” This article from Mashable,which highlights eight brands on Snapchat, was particularly hot and I think it shows the early direction that brands took with Snapchat: follow them for discounts (aka, strictly advertising method). But a few of them actually were doing it right: behind-the-scenes photos and short video. This is exactly what Snapchat fans are looking for: snippet previews, moments from people’s lives. I can’t wait for more travel writers to get into this!

Since then, I’ve started following EDM artists on Snapchat. A ton of artists have gotten on board, showing off snippets of their life and work. Tiesto has someone avidly snap for him, while other artists send quick little snaps here and there, often at airports or in front of their laptops while they’re mixing. The new feature that allows you to directly message fellow Snapchatters has also given a new opportunity to communicate with artists. Sensible Reason started a Snapchat around March and has been snapping from shows and festivals, plus some cool tracks from our site and interesting locations we happen to be at. Full disclosure: (lifts Snapchat curtain) I manage the Sensible Reason Snapchat! Hopefully, one day Snapchat will help brands to do more like what EDC is doing, and our writers and photographers will be able to collaboratively upload snaps (which is really hard to do right now). Be sure to follow us on Snapchat at SensibleReason! I’ll be snapping from China in July so definitely get excited!

Artists on Snapchat

SR on Snapchat

Here’s the list we’ve compiled of DJs and producers on Snapchat! If you know of an artist on Snapchat that’s not listed, be sure to tweet us @SR_MusicNews and I’ll be sure to add you!

Griz mynameisgriz
Tiesto Tiesto
Paris & Simo Parisandsimo
Junki Kid Junkiekid
Mako Wearemako
OOAH (The Glitch Mob) OOAH
edIT (The Glitch Mob) edIT
boreta (The Glitch Mob) boreta
Victor Niglio victorniglio
gLAdiator gladiator_music
Marshall Mcgee MarshMcGee
Afrojack Afrojack
Diplo Diplo3000
Dillon Francis Dillyfrancis
Valentino Khan ValentinoKhan
Van Gogh WhereYouVanGoghing
sirensceol sirensceol
Dzeko juliandzeko
Torres luistorres1
noisecontrollers ncofficial
3lau dj3blau
Goldroom Goldroom


If you wanted to follow some pop artists here are a few of some top 40 Snapchats:

  1. JC Caylen: Chamclouder
  2. Kendall Jenner: kendalljenner
  3. Wesley and Keaton Stromberg: wesandkeats
  4. Drew Chadwick: kumbayachadwick
  5. Jake Miller: jmillermusic
  6. Christian Leonard: imchristianlnrd
  7. Carly Rae Jepsen: craejepsen
  8. Cameron Dallas: camerondallaaas
  9. Logan Paul: loganpaul
  10. Chance the Rappers: TheAcidRapper
  11. Zac Efron: zacefron87
  12. Kanye West: TheMrWest
  13. Chris brown: ChrisMBrown89
  14. Robert Patterson: R.Patterson86
  15. Jack Reynor: JackReynor
  16. Henry Cavil: HenryCavil
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