Electric Forest Sold Out 24 hours after Lineup Drops

If there were any indication that the charm of Electric Forest doesn’t just depend on Sherwood, today proves it. After the initial lineup announcement, Electric Forest 2015 in Rothbury sold out this afternoon. And by sold out we mean everything. From the high roller everything you need but a washer and drier suites to the old fashioned poor man’s general admission tent camping. So don’t bother clicking on every ticket link.

Here is what you can do though. Electric Forest is great about being involved with their fans and community so be sure to tune into their Plug-In program. These programs are designed for the outgoing and artistic forester that has a drive to improve their environment and also a drive for free tickets. Revisit the page now and then to see if there are new opportunities.

It could be speculated that many were holding out until the announcement of the lineup because Electric Forest is known for being focused on electronic acts (hence the name of the festival) but this year they have gone above and beyond expectations to level the playing field for the more rounded music enthusiasts, specifically the funk (The Motet and Lettuce) and bluegrass/folk (Yonder Mountain String Band and Edward Sharp) filling out the upper part of the ticket.

Also keep this in mind, Shpongle (Simon Posford) and Skrillex have not played in the forest since 2011 and Bassnectar hasn’t played in the forest since 2012. Those three big electronic acts are undoubtedly harnessing the anticipation for this year’s forest experience.


Sean Hersch

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