Electric Forest is Sold Out and Umphrey’s McGee will play a Double Set!

Well, it finally happened — a music festival sold out for 2014. Some have said it’s because of the pressure of SFX media and local municipalities threatening the existence of Electric Forest Music Festival, and others say it’s because Sherwood Forest is a festival mecca and no matter the lineup, people will still come just for the environment or the people. Either way, if you didn’t get your ticket this year, then start raking the forums on the internet — but be careful, because Summer Camp had a bad issue with people faking Ticketmaster tickets when Ticketmaster wasn’t even a distributor for the festival’s tickets! Do your homework before you commit to a likely $250 (if you’re lucky) or higher for an Electric Forest Ticket. It is always wise to simply buy from friends, if possible.

In other big news, Umphrey’s McGee teased the umphreaks for about a week after Summer Camp, alluding to the idea that they may be playing in the Forest. This past Wednesday, they finally announced that they would be playing two sets this year at the Forest. They probably weren’t going to do it, but since we asked nicely… they decided to make it Facebook official!


Electric Forest is also making headlines with their art exhibits. The Pulse Project recently reached a huge milestone by finishing all the wiring for the display! That may not sound initially impressive, so let’s add numbers: that is more than 4,000 feet of wiring, which is longer than 10 football fields, and it has more than 1,000 soldering points, with more than 600 custom connectors. Melting faces for 4 days straight in Sherwood Forest? Priceless.

Deep in Sherwood on the last night at Electric Forest 2013. Photo By Sean Hersch

Deep in Sherwood on the last night at Electric Forest 2013. Photo By Sean Hersch

The Forest will also add a new attraction called the Electric Glen which is a collaboration project with the Untz that unites the attendee with live music interviews and technology from Reloop, Xone, Nord, and Studio Logic. In other words, you get to play around with DJ equipment as much as you want! If you are an aspiring DJ, don’t forget that tech pros will be hosting product demonstrations as well as interviewing the artists that use them. American Music and Sound are sponsoring the event and they will be giving away two free sets of professional studio headphones every single day of the festival.

There is another new feature to the Forest called Electric Forces. Two wounded warriors whose lives were changed by the good vibes of the Forest inspired the Human Avatar Booth. “My friends took me to Electric Forest in 2012 when I was still lost. It changed my life. Everyone at that festival became my family within a few days and I can honestly say, I think it saved my life,” said Pat, one of the two wounded warriors involved in the project.

Be sure to stop by the Booth and share your tales of the Forest and who knows, maybe you will connect with somebody important that can make a positive change in your life or vice/versa.

Are you a skilled hooper and don’t have a ticket? Well, there may be a glimpse of hope. Turn in a video of you throwing down your absolute best performance and submit your video for the 2014 Electric Forest Hoop Troupe! Click here for terms and conditions. Check out the competition below!

Be sure to visit Electric Forest’s website to find out more possibilities for free tickets, updates about the festival, and other helpful information. Below is some of Sensible Reason’s coverage of last year’s festivities. Cheers!

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