elrow’art Kaos Garden: An Expedition Of The Mind Body & Soul

Closing out the 2010s elrow’art stunned its visitors with an enhanced concert encompassing music, art, fashion, and storytelling. Kaos Garden was one of the most deeply immersive experiences, its attention to detail trumps this event over so many other industrial shows. The experience was curated by Desigual, Ink and Movement, and Okuda San Miguel who spent countless hours transforming The Great Hall at Avant Gardner into a 360 visual and theatrical masterpiece.

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The Great Hall was packed with visitors of all races and interests that planned to endure the Kaos Garden, a story based on Bosch‘s Garden of Earthly Delights where the fiesta would begin in hell and ascend to heaven through the early morning. The main attraction was the gigantic skull doused in Okuda San Miguel‘s signature color pattern, it’s eyes changing by the lasers peering through. Along every corner of The Great Hall you could see the walls Okuda reimagined from Bosch‘s piece adding his own artistic flair. Between the colorful confetti drops and the throngs of dressed up dancers, elrow’art stayed away from visuals on a screen and created a living photogenic dream for the 5,000 plus people in attendance.

Photo Credit - Toni Villen

Lee FossRepopulate Mars takeover in Kings Hall was an alien expedition, venturing in and out of the venue throughout the whole night witnessing masters such as Latmun and Lee Foss string the audience left and right with each dark drum beat. Absolut vodka helped curate this stage as the ceiling was alive with planetary disco balls and giant blow ups of Absolut Vodka. As the lasers flickered through the room we journeyed to a utopian future, one of tech house and joyous love. From the second you would enter Kings Hall you could feel the immense heat radiating off the dedicated crowd of house heads.

Photos by Eric Cunningham @ericm_nyc

The Lost Circus maintained its carnival like persona, with the red tarp roof and mirrored walls it felt as if you took a wrong turn into wonderland. The flow of the night started off high with a back to back set with Charles Meyer and Joe Pompeo, who we had a moment to sit down with and learn about their experience and relationship to elrow. This was Charles’ third appearance at elrow in New York, one could say he is becoming somewhat of an elrow resident DJ.

Joe Pompeo

What was it like to play at such a big event, and what other notable shows have you performed at?
Playing at an Elrow party was amazing! Ever since I heard about them I wanted to be part of one of their lineups. I was super happy that it got to be in NYC!  Prior to Elrow I played a gig in Sacramento alongside of Chicago legend DJ Diz. The vibe in California is super thick and overall it has better mid sized parties which seem to be a thing of the past here in NYC. Last year was also a turning point for me as I opened for Green Velvet, Shiba San, Walker & Royce just to name a few.
How did you start DJing and were there any shows or Djs that influenced you on the way?
I started DJing right after high school. Some friends brought me to Vinyl on Hubert street to go see Danny Tenaglia and the rest was history.
What is your philosophy with music, tell us about your relationship with it?
Music is something I just enjoy doing. I don’t overthink it. I make/play the music I like and that’s about it. It’s the only thing I haven’t gotten tired or bored with since I started doing it.
Where do you see yourself musically in the next decade?
Hopefully traveling a lot more outside of NYC gig wise, maybe even an album!

Photo by Toni Villen

Charles Meyer

What does an international tour like elrow mean to New York?
The fact that NYC is the first US market that elrow decided to hit outside of Miami Music Week is a reminder that NYC is this country’s primary interface with the rest of the world in terms of arts & entertainment. It’s amazing to live here and soak up all of the eclectic energies that pass through this city, and an elrow party is one of the best places to do just that.
Having the opportunity to play on big stages such as Friendship and Zoo, what does playing at elrow mean to you?

Elrow is like a party inside my own brain. The Friendship and Electric Zoo are amazing experiences that mean a lot to a lot of people, myself included, but elrow really hits the nail on the head for me. Like if I died and went to my own personal heaven that’s what it would look and sound like.
Can you elaborate on Michael Julian and what he means to the scene?
Michael Julian has been pushing quality electronic music and meaningful nightlife experiences in NYC for a very long time. He’s a super passionate, warm guy, not to mention hilarious, and I love & respect how he has never lost sight of his vision over the years. In light of that, it makes me really happy and proud to know that he’s officially been appointed Head of Elrow North America. I’m insanely grateful for his advice over the years and his willingness to include me on these incredible elrow lineups!
Listen to Charles Meyer’s set from elrow here

Photos by Eric Cunningham @ericm_nyc

elrow has been at the cutting edge of throwing events for the past decade, to put an end to this current year it is amazing at the global influence this traveling concert from Ibiza has. The elrow family encapsulates many of the creative morals engrained in Spanish society, they stand by being different and will continue to be the hallmark of events. The themes and vibe from the 4 elrows I have attended are all super unique. My first time was at the elrow held in The Brooklyn Mirage in 2018, many of my friends have talked about elrow but I never had the opportunity to look into it, needless to say I was awestruck at the attention to detail where they transformed my favorite venue into a full-fledged Roman coliseum with pillars, royal performers, and a ceiling reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel. The beautiful thing about the creative world is that many of the ideals intersect, elrow’art conceptualized a story and enhanced the show with hard-hitting tech house, eye-opening art, and sexy fashion. If you haven’t been to an elrow event yet, make sure to catch it in the near future in over 10 countries around the world or at summer in Ibiza.

Photos by Eric Cunningham @ericm_nyc


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