Emancipator Brings First Loci Showcase To Bowery Ballroom

For over a decade, Doug Appling, better known by his moniker Emancipator, has been a pioneer in the world of electronic music. With a slew of huge releases dating back to his debut album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enoughall the way up to his most recent LP, Seven Seas, Emancipator has established himself as one of EDM’s foremost innovators. The Portland, Oregon native has spent years bringing his trademark ethereal style to the masses. In 2012 Doug founded his very own music label, Loci Records. Emancipator has assembled and impressive and wide ranging collection of artists on his budding label. For the first time Emancipator will bring his sonic family on the road for the first-ever Loci Records Showcase tour. On December 9th Emancipator will bring the showcase to the Bowery Ballroom in New York City.

Loci Records signees TorEdamame, and Lapa will be joining label head/founder Emancipator as they travel across the country, spreading their melodic downtempo, instrumental hip-hop, and electronica fusion of music across the country. This is certainly going to be a night of phenomenal music that you won’t want to miss. In anticipation of this momentous tour Emancipator had this to say:

“Loci is the plural of locus, which is a focus point. It’s a collection of points, the same way each artist on the label is a point in the musical universe. Loci is the meeting point, a platform where we can share our art collectively, and we’d like for this tour to be another series of points where we share this music with you in a live setting. 

The venues we’ve chosen are purposely more intimate than previous Emancipator tours, and it will be Ilya and I performing (No Ensemble) along with TorEdamame, and Lapa. We’ve been focused heavily on the band for the last couple of tours and it felt like a perfect opportunity to play a different style show and expand on some of the ideas that fall into that set VS the Ensemble. In the future we may expand to different cities and will definitely be hoping to include more of the roster, but this felt like a great starting place to build from.”

Get your tickets for the Loci Records Showcase at the Bowery Ballroom here! Also check out more tour dates and Emancipator’s newest release, Maps & Father Kingbelow.


Jabari Kefele

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