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Have you ever attended a legitimate medical marijuana dispensary on site at a festival before? No? This may be because this isn’t a very common occurance and may also be because you haven’t recently attended Enchanted Forest in Laytonville, California. The festival is happening this weekend in northern California and is one of the state’s most popular boutique festivals. Last year, Enchanted Forest stealthily became the second festival in the whole country (yes, all of the United States) to offer a medical marijuana dispensary at their festival. This year, a local and solar-powered medical marijuana dispensary, Emerald Pharms, will be supplying all of the green needs.

Emerald Pharms operates on a 12 acre permaculture oasis and their intention is to advocate, promote, and provide holistic care through their medical marijuana dispensary. Healthy lifestyle choices are at the forefront of their philosophy and they want all of their patients to maintain the highest power of good health that they are able. Emerald Pharms promotes cannabis use as a component of multiple therapies and also provides a staff that is Project CBD trained so that every interaction is a happy, safe, educational one.

Enchanted Forest is happening this weekend and it is one intimate, safe, and tremendously fun festival that you do not want to miss. With headliners that include Shpongle, Pantyraid, The Polish Ambassador, Minnesota, Autograf, Thriftworks, Bluetech, and more, the juicy lineup is something that appeals to most everyone. In addition to the heavy lineup, the festival also includes many micro-enviornments like The Nectar Temple, Branches Mobile Gallery, Kidslandia, and other great spaces to rest and find entertainment in. Oh, and they haven’t forgot about workshops. They offer workshops based in many different topics like relationships and sexuality, science and spirituality, nourishment, health and wellness, yoga, dance, and flow arts. This family has thought of everything so there’s no reason to miss out on all of the excitement. Tickets are still available and are waiting to be purchased.

(Featured photo from the Flickr commons, by St. Gil, Marc)


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