Enchanted Forest Sprinkles Some Magic and Releases Lineup

Enchanted Forest is a smaller, more intimate transformational festival that will be taking place at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California. Their lineups always include genres ranging from downtempo, to glitch, to singer-songwriters, and everything in between. While Enchanted Forest always has great lineups we can count on, music isn’t the only thing that brings a crowd to this event. Of course there is art, yoga, workshops and lectures, and flow art, but Enchanted Forest cares the most about their community. They strive to create a safe place for their attendees as well as a place where others feel comfortable enough to open up and be their authentic selves.

The festival always caps their capacity around a few thousand people so wiggling your way through an ocean of people just to get to a stage isn’t a thing at this festival. Not only do they try to keep the atmosphere smaller and more intimate, but Enchanted Forest is also an alcohol-free festival. Whether or not others choose to slyly bring their favorite boozy drink on site or not is another story, but the festival has a strong stance on their festival being a dry one. If you have already attended or plan to attend Enchanted Forest in the future then you will quickly notice that the grounds are not nearly as trash-filled as other festivals that allow alcohol on site. Not only are the grounds more tidy but the bathrooms are more pleasant as well; think about the festivals you’ve been to that welcome or do not welcome alcohol and just compare those in your mind. Those dry festivals are almost always more clean than the alcohol-welcoming ones.

With a limited amount of space, Enchanted Forest quickly goes through most of their allotment of tickets each year, so if this festival tickles your fancy you’ll want to grab a ticket as quickly as possible for the best possible price. Not only is this truly a unique festival but they offer some ticket add-ons that you might not have ever seen before. They offer the standard car camping and RV camping passes, but they also offer shower and sauna passes for those who like to feel extra clean, day care passes for parents arriving with kiddos, and EZ camping passes for those who want to take the thinking out of their camping experience.

Enchanted Forest is a transformation festival that has stolen the hearts of many throughout California and beyond, and their reputation will only continue to flower as the festival ages. With their signature festival style of sexy, squishy, silly, sacred, and saucy, this festival is nothing like the others. Check out their recently released lineup below and awe at all of its glory. We know where we will be at the end of July, we hope to see you there.

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