Enchanted Forest Gathering is Saucier Than Ever

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Enchanted Forest Gathering has just announced their third year at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California and it’s already looking like 2017 will be Enchanted Forest‘s best year at Black Oak. Amplified all-night music is now back on the table after the festival had recently hosted late-night silent discos in place of amplified music. In addition to the long nights of dancing, Enchanted Forest will now take place on June 9th through the 11th, which in turn means a mellower climate and more water in the river. Don’t get us wrong, festivals in the middle of summer are an annual staple, but it’s always nice to be able to walk across festival grounds without feeling like you just ran a mile in a sauna. More greenery, more water, more music, and a more comfortable environment makes us some real happy campers!

Word on the street says we should also be prepared for new environments within the festival, an introduction of collaborators, and a production team that has never let us down. Tickets for this intimate but legendary gathering go on sale on February 10th, so be sure to set your alarms so you can snag your Homie Hook-Up tickets right when they go on sale. This is Enchanted Forest’s 7th year of sexy, sacred, saucy, silliness, so don’t miss out on these upcoming shenanigans!


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