Eternal Sunshine

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Joe zappile, owner and creator of Eternal Sunshine; Eternal Sunshine, is an expressive motion in consciousness, it is a right of passage to create art that comes from a deep place of inspiration and not only have that artwork appreciated but worn. Wearing art work takes the consumer out of a brand name world and inspires them to look into themselves for self expression, to look into this creation and add to their persona, their specialized look at life. Thats what eternal sunshine is about creating, an out let for self expression, for inner expression and love for personality and for identity. Identity of the self and the higher consciousness. Color inspires an awakening of the sense and the unseen reflection on our emotions, choices, like and dislikes.

Joez Wales, the artist, 22 years old, from greater metro area, joes’ life has become an expression of art itself, in the search for deeper meaning, he’s taken on the role of artist and healer, trying to inspire those around him to step outside of the normal box of paradigms and become unique in all the gifts we are given. Joes’ art is a look into the vast space created constantly by the universe, and the idea that once something is, it’ll never change and allow that to be an outlet for art. By never attaching to one thought process he’s allowed art to transform as it wants, digging into pockets of space to create perspective. seeing beyond the totality of choices into the


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