Euphoria Music Festival Preview

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Euphoria Music Festival is back for round three, and this time it’s a true festival with camping, yoga, AND workshops! This year it will be hosted at Carson Creek Ranch which provides 40 acres of fun, surrounded by the gorgeous Colorado River. Some of the bigger names performing this year include Zeds Dead, Gareth Emery, Beats Antique, Lotus, Bonobo, Bro Safari, DVBBS, Boombox, DVS, Eminence Ensemble, and many many more. In terms of the lineup, festival organizer Mitch Morales has stated, “In moving back into Austin, we really wanted to create a lineup that was reflective of the rich tradition of live music found here. The goal of this year’s lineup is to show how seamlessly you can bridge the gap between EDM and live dance music.” Spanning April 25th and 26th, this is one festival you can’t afford to miss if you are anywhere nearby!

About The Festival
Let me start off by saying there is going to be a lot going on at Euphoria this year. Because this will now be a full 2 day long event, there will be all sorts of activities to enjoy and participate in. For the first time, Euphoria will be hosting  yoga courses and workshops, along with presenting an amazing art gallery curated by the one and only Chance Roberts! The Alloveus Art Gallery, as it’s called, will feature 15 of the nation’s most talented live painters. There will also be the Euphoria Art Dome, a wooded area that will host art installations, trippy visuals, and an overall chill vibe. This is a huge step in the right direction, and shows that the creators are trying to push the envelope on what this festival offers its lucky attendees. It’s so much more than just music at an event like this – it’s an entire experience! So be sure to pack your yoga mat and notepad this year, and prepare for daytime fun at Euphoria!


Tickets are extremely affordable this year, starting at only $99 for the basic 2 day pass. Since this is the first year camping is being offered, we definitely recommend going that route and getting a camping pass. According to the website, the camping pass includes “access to showers, comfort stations, the campground lounge, early morning workshops, concessions during the day, unofficial after-hours music AND private parking.” This is completely worth an extra $50! On top of this, camping at a festival changes the entire experience, especially somewhere as gorgeous as Carson Creek Ranch. The VIP Experience includes priority access, private bars & bathrooms and preferred viewing areas. Ticket pricing is as follows:

2 Day GA Pass – $99
2 Day GA Pass w/ Camping – $149
VIP 2 Day Pass – $169
VIP 2 Day Pass w/ Camping – $219
RV Parking without hookup – $100
RV Parking with hookup – $175
Camping Add On – $50

2013 Official After Movie

2014 Trailer

Remember – “There are no strangers at Euphoria, only friends you haven’t yet met!”

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