Excision Brought An All Star Cast To Best Buy Theater [Review]

Last weekend Excision brought a huge lineup to the Best Buy Theater for a two night run of bass and mayhem. With bass superstar Minnesota and exciting up and comer Protohype  tag-teaming with support, Excision was primed to give his Executioner an adrenaline fueled farewell. I was on hand Saturday night to witness the carnage.

The night kicked off with Protohype behind the decks.  Representing his label in true Firepower form, Protohype threw down a filthy set of all original music. The L.A. native kicked things off with a huge new collaboration with Funtcase that absolutely devoured  the venue and threw the crowd into instant upheaval. Protohype’s bass rattling fusion of low end dubstep and gritty hip-hop drums made for the perfect opening foray. As this was my first time catching Protohype live, I was very impressed with his creative set list. Although there was strong hip-hop influence throughout Protohype’s set that pulled it all together, it by no means could be pigeon holed into a “trap set”, instead he put forth an adventurous and intelligent display  that resulted in a mature yet relentless performance. Protohype has a bright future ahead of him, reminding me very much of the Firepower Records head honcho Datsik. I can’t wait to catch Protohype at a festival or a headlining show in the near future.

Next up was the melodic bass maestro Minnesota. With a loyal and sizable following of his Minnesota’s appearance as an opener on this tour was a huge bonus for me. From the word go Minnesota effortlessly elevated the crowd to the next level pulling the strings like a seasoned master. His melodic bass waves communicated clearly in a language that is felt and not spoken, weaving together a masterclass that incorporated all forms of bass music.  His performance was an amalgamation of dialects that very few artists today can recreate, clearly proving that Minnesota is one of the most well respected and in my mind underrated names in bass music. During his Minnesota’s set decadence and defiance came together in an uncanny marriage. During a dramatic drum and bass interlude the crowd erupted in a frenzied enthusiasm that ramped up the venue’s energy level to near critical mass. While incorporating bassy remixes of basement dance party staples like, “Come Around” by Collie Buddz and “Hips Swing” by savage, Minnesota created a rocking atmosphere that got the crowd ready for the main attraction.

When the black curtain fell away revealing the monolithic structure that is the Executioner stage , I think every single bass head in the Best Buy Theater realized they were witnessing something special. This was the last time many of us would see the heart-pounding art installation and supreme reverence was do. Almost instinctively the crowd raised their arms crossed in a salute to the man himself, and the sultan of bass responded in kind. As the 150,000 watts of PK sound began to hum and the hair on the back of my neck began to raise. Kicking things off with some of his new material, Excision dove into his latest release Codename X with the album’s new anthem “X Up.” Immediately mayhem proceeded to envelope the Theater as lasers and bass engulfed the sea of headbanging ravers. For me the following two hours transcended music. I watched and listened as Excision tore through his discography, trumping every drop with an even bigger and more grizzly clamor. Excision is the perfect embodiment of what electronic music has become, the heart and soul of the today’s counterculture that simply exists to infuriate and shatter social norms while exciting us to no end. Although he is Canadian, Excision is ironically a part of a new Americana, spearheading a movement that will intrinsically alter out understanding of modern entertainment. The future is here and he salutes with an X. As Excision pranced capriciously through dubstep, hardstyle, drum and bass and trap I found myself slightly depressed that this would be the Executioner stage’s last ride but I immediately turned my thoughts to what’s next for man behind the X, because just like his music it’s only going to get bigger. Check out All of Excision’s remaining tour dates below. Trust me you will not want to miss this mayhem when it hits your town.


Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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