Excision Rumbles a Sold Out House of Blues Orlando [review]

Excision continues to reign supreme in all things heavy on his Paradox tour. Canadian-native Jeff Abel brought his A-game yet again to the House of Blues in Orlando on the 12th of February, leaving fans speechless and sore, especially in the neck and upper body region. Having sold out yet another night on tour, Excision threw down an absolutely diabolical set chock-full of crowd-pleasing favorites and original tracks, as well as some remixed goodies.


Although the show was advertised to include Bear Grillz as supporting talent, show attendees were disappointed to discover that something occurred which prevented him from being able to perform. However, Figure set the stage for Excision and hyped up the audience with some heavy bangers, successfully dissipating the tension in the crowd that had risen from the absence of Bear Grillz.

The volume of the show prior to Excision’s set was of a reasonable level, but fans were well aware that things were about to get ridiculously loud as soon as the Canadian producer hit the stage. Everyone anxiously awaited the stage assembly in order to properly accommodate all of the bells and whistles of the Paradox setup. Once everything was good to go and Excision hit the stage, absolute insanity ensued. Nothing could have prepared us for the environment in which we became immersed as soon as the first track began. It didn’t matter how many Excision sets you had seen or how hard you could headbang, because this show was a test of bass faith, even for the hardcore fans.


The production of the Paradox was unparalleled to say the least. From some of the most intricate and downright trippy visuals to giant beams of light that framed the entire stage, it’s clear that Excision’s team paid the utmost attention to detail on this tour. Chests were rattling from 150,000 watts of bass, and countless people were seen rocking ear buds to protect themselves from the earth-shaking sound. The crowd roared when he dropped favorites such as “Robokitty”, complete with robotic kitty visuals.

Once I saw a breathtaking sunset visual arise on the screen, I knew it was time for Excision and Dion Timmer’s melodic masterpiece “Africa” to take the crowd to the next level. Elephants, giraffes, zebras and more seemingly popped out of the LCD screen, stampeding in rhythm towards the crowd in a life-like manner. As seen from videos of the first few tour stops, two people dressed in dinosaur costumes entered the stage flailing around in a dinosaur throwdown, perfectly complimenting the aggressive air of the music and riling up the crowd so much that even security had to crack a smile.



Excision had a few surprises up his sleeve, such as when he unexpectedly transitioned from one track into the high-energy, bouncy drop found in the VIP edit of Snail’s track “King Is Back” ft. Big Ali. He snuck in a few Destroid tracks as well, such as Downlink’s “Activation” and Excision and Bassnectar’s “Put It Down” to give the crowd a taste of some Drum ‘n’ Bass Weaving seamlessly in and out of remixes and original tracks, the dubstep-pioneer executed a flawless set that reinstated everything we’ve come to know and love about Excision’s infamously destructive yet precisely clean sound.


The Paradox continues to tear through cities like a bass-induced tornado, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this production. Want to see more pictures? Peep our full gallery from the show. See a full list of upcoming tour dates for Excision and purchase tickets to shows here. Stay in the know through the official Excision Facebook and Twitter, and keep the headbang going by tuning into Excision’s SoundCloud.


Connor Lavin

21, currently studying journalism in the Sunshine State. Fueled by bass music, traveling, and writing about those experiences.

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