Exclusive Track: Eitch’s “Skeleton”

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Sensible Reason’s favorite altronipop queen, Eitch, will soon release her latest EP, Health, and we are excited to exclusively announce the drop of the second track, Skeleton, which is available for free download all week long!

Eitch has been on a mission to spread her curious and candid croonings to anyone with an ear for honest words beautifully sung over percolating synths. Catch her entrancing live performances at Wakarusa on Friday May 31st and the Big Up in August.

The EP

Health is composed of four tracks: for songs for the past, present and future you. Eitch received a helping hand from her on stage partner and seasoned producer, Ian Stewart (who will also be playing at the Big Up), to oversee the engineering and mixing of the EP. Together they’ve developed a sound that is both reminiscent of the “Altronipop” songstress’s earlier work, while managing to progress towards imaginative new realms, establishing the character that is Eitch further than ever before.


Skeleton is dreamy and catchy, filled with swirling synths and the songstress’ signature ‘altronipop’ vocal style – clearly human but in a way slightly metallic. She alternates from soft, breathy execution that draws you in and brings you out of her haze and gets assertive and direct:

“i’ll see you, in the morning
at sunrise
so don’t call me…”

The Artwork

For Health, four artists were selected to visually interpret each song and design its cover art, creating a unique and diverse spread that represents the album from multiple angles.

The original cover artwork for “Skeleton” was designed by Hila Sid, a visual artist and illustrator currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. She used ink, acrylic, pen and pencil to create the piece. You’ll be able to find more about Hila’s work in the future at www.hilasid.com

Catch Eitch at Wakarusa and the Big Up!

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