F.A.R.M. Fest Artist Preview: The G-Nome Project

The G-Nome Project will be a long way from home in Buena, NJ at F.A.R.M. Fest 2015. The organizers of this unique transformational festival clearly recognize the band’s potential and they’ll be playing not one, or two, but THREE sets over the July 23rd-26th weekend. Papadosio plays two nights and Keller Willaims headlines as well. Buy F.A.R.M. Fest tickets HERE and stay tuned with Sensible Reason for more previews and ticket giveaways.

Since late 2012, mostly jewish jamsters have returned from their trips to the Holy Land with tales of wonder and amazement, and sometimes a hastily shot video, not of the ancient culture or monuments but of a local band that really puts the live in livetronica. Finding fervent fans of jamtronica like The Disco Biscuits and The New Deal outside of the US is usually an exciting event. True to form, excitement among fans who only know who The G-Nome Project by reputation, but have never actually seen the band perform, is palpable. This word of mouth reputation and excitement surrounding the band’s arrival in the states is all about the band’s jam prowess and dance ready melodies. Just take a listen for yourself. Below you will find a stellar SoundCloud recording of the band, bio information about the bands roots, and a video of a live performance.

G-Nome Project – “Mouse Kingdom > Dicicles > Mouse Kingdom” @ Great North Music Festival Main Stage from Shlomotions on Vimeo.

BIO: G-Nome Project is comprised of a super group of four nationally renowned musicians – Yakir Hyman, Zechariah Reich, Chemy Soibelman, and Eyal Salomon – who each bring a distinctive flavor to the dynamic electro-funk palate of this Jerusalem-based quartet. All four members immigrated to Israel from the United States in their 20’s and met by chance through strangers in the street. A Disco Biscuits hat led the way to a conversation, introduction, and an impromptu jam session that set the course for the formation of the band. G-Nome Project is the product of their longstanding musical vision to form an ensemble focused heavily on improvisation while blending elements of electronica, dance, and funk into progressive original compositions – a style that has been coined “Grilled Cheese Funk at its finest.” Fans of many colors flock to the band’s shows for the music, good vibes, and hardcore dancing that exemplify the character of the G-Nome community.

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