Inferno TOTD: The Grateful Dead – “Feel Like A Stranger”

Feel Like a Stranger” was a track off the Grateful Dead‘s 1980 album Go To Heaven. Not yet played by the Grateful Biscuits collaboration, we hope they bust out this tune next week, so we’re reassured they mean business. A song hotly debated about it’s meaning, “Feel Like a Stranger” evokes sexy, if not eerie, emotions from the audience as its tone and the lyrics breach into unknown, strange, if you will, territory.

April will be a relatively busy month for the Disco Biscuits. Coming off one of their best festival performance outside of Camp Bisco and with constant talk of successful practices, Bisco Inferno could prove to be some of the best Biscuits we have seen in years (we’re looking at you, 2009). After about a week off, they will take the stage in Portland, Maine at the State Theatre on April 24th and UVM Springfest the day after. That all said, my fingers, as I’m sure all of yours, are crossed to know more about their summer plans at Inferno’s conclusion.

Tickets for Wednesday and Thursday at the Ogden Theatre are still available for purchase here, while single day Red Rocks tickets are still available here. Unfortunately, anyone without tickets looking to attend Saturday‘s show at the Ogden will be hard pressed as tickets have sold out. However, all of you folks on couch tour got a nice surprise earlier this week, as you will be able to live stream all four of the Inferno shows. With all of the family able to tune in one thing is for certain, Friday is going to be one “long, long, crazy, crazy night.” We’ll see you at the Rocks!

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