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Susan Skidmore

Festy Experience artist not to miss~ The Infamous Stringdusters

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The fourth annual Festy Experience will feature 3 sets from The Infamous Stringdusters!  Chris Pandolfi (banjo), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle), Travis Book (bass), Andy Falco (guitar), and Andy Hall (dobro) are charging the way in a new movement of bluegrass. Not only do The Dusters hold dear the founders and traditions of bluegrass in their music and shows, they have also taken it to a whole other level  and are starting a bluegrass revolution!

Photo by: Susan Skidmore

Photo by:
Susan Skidmore

Why should you not miss any of their sets at The Festy this year? We here at Sensible Reason have never been “Dusted” before.   So we took that question right to the Duster fans themselves and asked them why you should not miss them! Here is what they had to say!


Photo by Susan Skidmore

Photo by
Susan Skidmore

Trevor Shaw~ This is history in the making. When you watch the Dusters you are watching history unfold. Like the Dead, the Beatles, Flatt and Scruggs, they are creating legendary performances right before our eyes and ears. You will tell your grand kids about the awesome Stringduster show you went to. Due to their ability and diverse backgrounds I truly believe they will be the band that introduces bluegrass to a new generation or generations and brings bluegrass into or back into the mainstream.

Eric Thorsen~ The Dusters are not to be missed because if you have warm blood flowing through your veins and you love live music your soul will thank thank thank you!

Sarah Davis~ No matter what type of music people are into, I cannot imagine anyone seeing the Dusters live and not absolutely loving their show. No one should miss the chance to see them live!

Stephinie Benally~  There is a reason why we say “got dusted.” To discover the meaning behind that term will get you closer to the answer…and to also just flat-out get your hiney out on the floor and RAGE!

Vance Skidmore~ their words and music make my heart and soul smile. They are the PERFECT blend of musician combined with quality, good human beings, and the EPITOMY of what true live music should be…viscerally moving and a MOUNTAIN of FUN!!

Elizabeth Gene ~They have it all: fantastic song writing, incredible playing, wonderful vocals, and a stage presence that can’t be beat. They so clearly enjoy what they’re doing so much that it’s infectious.

Tricia Frye Givens~ For me, the ISD  has been an adventure. An adventure that has been filled with some of the best memories of my adult life. With every step I take, I can count on mind blowing melodies, raging rail rides, tapestries of light, feel good sore feet, and amazing energy from the synchronicity of like minded and hearted people.

David DeGrandpre~ The thing that captivated me about the Dusters was their energy. Musicianship, songwriting, vocals… all are fantastic. But, the thing that struck me was the many moments throughout a show when one of them will be taking a solo or leading a jam, and the other four are circled in tightly around that person, just taking in the soloists energy and pushing each other to take the song further and further. That interplay on stage is just absolutely incredible.

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