FlowPoetry: Untitled, #50

In November of 2014 Sensible Reason published the first of what would grow to become a 50 part series of my FlowPoetry. That first piece was titled “Open” and stood for me as a call to creative responses to the time we live in and a way of seeing one’s environment as poetry/art in and of itself. I am truly grateful to the editors of Sensible Reason who have supported my poetry and now present the final and fiftieth FlowPoetry installment here. And more than that, thank you to all of you who have flowed along with me through the past two plus years and read and shared my poems. It is a wonderful feeling to re-visit these pages, see the number of shares and likes grow, and know that somewhere out there you all have taken my poetry to heart. Please stay in touch by stopping by the FlowPoetry Facebook page and checking in here: facebook.com/flowpoetry. I hope someday we will all gather together and share our stories and poems once again. Peace and happiness to all!


FlowPoetry is the originator of Jam Poetry. This is straight up spoken word performance. One man, one mic and poems and stories woven together reflecting themes of America and the music festival experience.

FlowPoetry has performed over 1100 shows in the USA with bands and as a solo poet and appeared at over 50 Midwest and East Coast Music and Arts festivals.  He was honored as a finalist for the MNSWA “Urban Griot” International/National Performer of the year alongside Leonard Cohen and Saul Williams.  In 2014, 2015, and 2016, FlowPoetry was selected by popular vote as one of Madison (Wisconsin) Magazine’s Best Spoken Word/Poetry Performers. He is a three-time finalist for Best Artist in the Annual Madison WI Area Music Awards.

In addition to his performances, FlowPoetry  is featured prominently alongside Ken and Zane Kesey, Alex Grey, Wavy Gravy, and Nahko and Medicine For The People in the forthcoming documentary “Going Furthur” which chronicles the  50thAnniversary cross country tour of The Furthur Bus.  He has published extensively on-line and in print.

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