Founder’s Interview: Jersey Shore Music Festival

This weekend, on Saturday July 20, New Jersey will be experiencing its first Jersey Shore Music Festival. Featuring hit acts such as Papadosio, The Front Bottoms, and recently off- hiatus The Hush Sound, this amalgamation of music is going to be a great one. Sensible Reason was lucky enough to sit down with the festival’s founder, Joe Ciano, and pick his brain about what it’s like to throw such a large event, especially for the first time.
To begin, do you have experience throwing such a large-scale event such as this one? What other events have you put on in the past, and how will Jersey Shore Music Festival compare?   
This is my first experience creating an event of this size. I’ve had the idea for Jersey Shore Music Festival for a while and I was lucky enough to bring together an incredible team of people to work on the event with me and make it a reality.
Relative to your expectations, has planning a music festival been harder or easier than you anticipated? What came easily, what was a struggle?   
We knew there was going to be an up-hill battle before we first started planning for the festival almost 14 months ago. Nobody expected the event to even happen, let alone be a success due to this being a first year festival and because of its massive size. Lets just say we learned a lot this year.
What inspired the lineup? It is incredibly diverse and some acts, such as Papadosio, were a surprise to see on the bill. Does the music at JSMF reflect what you personally listen to? If not, what else could one expect to see in your music library?   
We wanted to separate ourselves from other festivals in our area which is how we came up with such a diverse line-up. This might come as a surprise, but country is actually what I listen to most… but I listen to everything, so you’ll find anything from rap to classical on my iPod. For JSMF, one of the main goals is to have music fans who wouldn’t normally come out to see local bands stick around and check out all the talented artists we have on the lineup. There truly is something that everyone will enjoy at all times.

Why do you feel it is important to support local artists?   

We have so much talent in our region, that to an extent, is going unnoticed. We thought this would be a great way to showcase some of the best bands in the area. The goal is to have people not only come to see the bands they like, but also stay and check out some bands that they never heard of before.
Will any of the proceeds be benefiting those negatively impacted by Hurricane Sandy? 

We will have a number of charity organization on the premise. Part of our mission is to attract people back to the Jersey Shore. We are all from the Jersey Shore, so we know how people have suffered over the last few months.  We want to let people know that the Jersey Shore is open for business.

The inaugural Jersey Shore Music Festival is the perfect way to put a kick in your summer, and tickets are affordable at only $25. Supporting local music is the perfect way to perpetuate the art of, well… art, and in addition to music there will be over 100 craft and good vendors available at the festival. By helping to support Joe Ciano’s vision, all attendees are helping to support local, music, art, and the Jersey Shore itself! See everyone this weekend!
jersey shore music festival

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