Free Press Summer Festival Artist Spotlight: Big Gigantic

Free Press Summer Festival is right around the corner, less than 2 months away. The event itself is looking huge this year – an estimated 100,000+ people will be attending the 2-day festival!

One of the groups I’m most excited about experiencing at Free Press this year is Big Gigantic. Originating from Boulder, Colorado, Big Gigantic is known as a ‘livetronica’ band, a unique mish-mash of genres that is hard to understand until you actually hear it. Mixing a live saxophone, drums, and electronic beats, they are definitely in a category of their own. Despite their big band sound, Big Gigantic consists of just two members – Dominic Lalli on saxophone, who also produces, and Jeremy Salken on drums. Fun fact: Dominic actually holds a Masters Degree from the Manhattan School of Music.

These two have played at some huge festivals in recent years, including: Bonnaroo, Camp Bisco, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Forest, Freakfest, Summer Camp ,lollapalooza, Shambhala, SummerSet, and CounterPoint Music Festival among others. They are continually expanding their audio/visual stage setup, and selling out many of these shows. They have expanded to play shows in the UK, as well as Australia, and plan to continue their international tour this year.

One of Big Gigantic’s most popular albums, Nocturnal, hit the #2 spot on iTunes in the electronic category. This album was released in 2012, and has been on SoundCloud in full for the past 2 years. The sound is incredibly smooth, and seems to just soothe the soul.

More recently Big G  released their new album, The Night Is Young.  This album was released on February 11th of this year, and has received stellar support from fans. The full album was released for free, available for download on SoundCloud and many other music websites. It’s awesome to see artists spreading their creative work for free like this, demonstrating that they truly enjoy creating this music and sharing it – not selling it – to us.

Sticking to their roots, they still have the same awesome sound with the saxophone and drums/beats, all coming together beautifully. They continue to experiment with new things,like in ‘Touch The Sky’ where they throw down some trap, meshing it perfectly with the jazz and sax! The best artists gives their fans what they know and love in a new album, while at the same time pushing in a new direction, essentially showing them something new they can know and love! This album is a perfect example of that – it’s classic Big Gigantic, but with a twist. Check it out in its entirety below! And especially be sure to check out track 4, ‘Touch The Sky’.

Full Album – ‘ The Night Is Young’
Big Gigantic LIVE at Summer Set Music Festival 2013


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