Getting to Know Yves V – TomorrowLand Resident

TomorrowLand is one of the most anticipated and sought after music festivals in the world. Fans come from all over the globe to see the best DJs and producers bring the love of music to tens of thousands of people. One producer in particular, Yves V, has the honor of playing at TomorrowLand each and every summer. His music is exactly what TomorrowLand is known for: epic vocals, huge drops, and a beat that you can’t help but dance to. Love breathes in every synth chord, and we can’t live without breathing it. Sensible Reason had a chance to ask Yves V some questions about what it means to be a TomorrowLand resident, what inspires him. and what he’s been up to lately.

How long have you been in the Tomorrowland family?

I have played on the Tomorrowland mainstage 8 times – something I’m very proud of – but my relationship with the team extends to my V-Sessions stage which I’ve hosted many times with some of my favorite producers and DJs in the world. I was also lucky enough to return to Brasil for the first Tomorrowland down there recently.

What does it mean to be a Tomorrowland resident (both in title and experience)?

It’s a great honour on every level. To be directly a part of the festival’s make-up each and every summer is beyond my wildest dreams, something I know not to take lightly which is why the pressure is so big, for any artist that takes on the main stage. It’s funny because there is a quote in the artists area as you enter that jokes “Hey DJ, hope you can handle the madness” which is really what it is, in the best possible way!

What was your experience of the first Tomorrowland Brazil? What made it different than the original?

The electronic scene, both artistically and on a business level, is thriving over in Brasil unlike ever before so it seemed like the next best step for the Tomorrowland team to take. It has all the elements that make the original Tomorrowland in Boom so great, the huge productions and great line-ups etc, but with a fresh vibe. The Brasilian audiences are some of the greatest in the world

What do you think makes Tomorrowland and its family so unique?

They dare to take risks whilst also delivering the fans exactly what they want – world-class music and unrivaled productions.

What would be one piece of advice you would give to someone attending a music festival for the first time? 

Drink lots of water, always!

Who has inspired you to create the type of music you produce?

I’m inspired by everything from soul music to rock ‘n’ roll; I love Green Day but then I could also get lost in the energy of say a Chuckie edit – there is no telling where my inspiration will come from.

What new productions can we be expecting from Yves V over the Summer?

I’ve got both some new collabs and original solo material in the works and I’ll be focusing my energy on my new V Sessions radio show which I can’t wait to launch!

You’ve collaborated with many artists including Don Diablo and Sidney Samson but who else would you love to collaborate with in the industry?

Coldplay would be a dream come true, I’d love to remix one of their releases.

It’s just been announced that you’ll be taking your V – Sessions sound to Ibiza this Summer but what surprises can we expect?

Yes I am! We’ll be at SupermartXé throughout the season which I’ve heard is quite the party! It’s going to be epic, there will be a load of special guests too like Thomas Gold, Luciana and maybe some unannounced familiar faces will make an appearance…

Finally, tell us something that we may not know about Yves V…

I used to be a teacher before I became a producer!

In addition to frequenting TomorrowLand, Yves V is also a friend of TomorrowWorld. He’ll be hopping over the pond to join some of the world’s other TomorrowLand friends for the American baby of this monumental festival held in Chattahoochee Hills, GA September 25-27th. Sensible Reason will see you there!

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