Goldfish Brings to Mysteryland USA Their South African Vibes

We are so close to Mysteryland we can taste it! Friday the campers will be arriving and the music will be blasting. Saturday, Goldfish will be smooshed between big names Kygo and Empire of the Sun at the Main Stage. “It’s a great honour to be invited to perform on the Main Stage of any festival (at 5pm no less)… but Mysteryland USA?! Amazing! Now we are getting the VVIP experience in the USA,” the band told Sensible Reason in a pre-festival interview. In fact, when asked who they will be checking out at the festival, they said, “Definitely won’t be missing EMPIRE OF THE SUN! Big fans.” There must be nothing sweeter than playing main stage at a massive festival immediately after an artist you love.

The duo hails from Capetown, South Africa, which may surprise you. If you’re not familiar, South Africa, and specifically Capetown, have had an amazing electronic scene that dates back to the late 80s/early 90s. The scene is strong and diverse and has created its own unique sound. Though still relatively unknown, the EDM world is turning its eyes to South Africa and opening its markets out there, as reflected in major festivals like Ultra bringing themselves to the South African shores. But artists coming from South Africa are also starting to make their mark outside of SA, and Goldfish is the primary example. According to the band:

“We are surprised that we have made it so far beyond our borders all the way to North America and beyond as geographically it isn’t easy being based out of Cape Town. This isolation has actually been somewhat of an advantage due to the amazing sub genre’s of dance music that have originated from South Africa on the Deep side of House music, I don’t think guys like us or Black Coffee, Culoe Da Song or any of the other Dj’s and Producers creating original music would be making the same music if we had all grown up in the Northern Hemisphere or the first world. Music here is a way of life whether you are making it, listening to it or dancing to it it’s everywhere and in everyone’s blood… Coming from Cape Town on the tip of Africa has definitely influenced our music in many ways, some subtle (like being inspired by the amazing natural beauty) and some more overtly connected to our music like feeling drawn to soulful African vocals from growing up immersed in our culture or even just slight differences in the feel of a Hi Hat pattern.”

In fact, there are a lot of artists from South Africa that the band recommends: “For the deeper side of things you can’t go wrong with Black Coffee, Culoe Da Song, Black Motion, Crazy White Boy. For the more indie side guys like Felix Laband.  For a more nasty electro vibe HAEZER is worth checking out–he kicks some serious ass.”


The band has been making waves and kicked off a North American tour this past winter that was hugely successful. “I think my ears are still ringing from our show at The Paradise in Boston. I don’t think we have had such a rowdy show anywhere!” says the band. The winter tour was so successful, they’re back for a summer tour and its going to be amazing: “Being booked for 8 festivals in one summer is a really special achievement for us so we are pretty amped for all of them! Having been to loads of festivals around the world it is really going to be interesting to check out how they do it in USA!”

The reason why the band has gotten so big around the world is because of their exciting and unique energy that they bring to the show. “Our set it’s always 150% commitment, live instruments and groovy dance beats,” they mentioned. If you’re still not sure, check out the track they made specifically for Mysteryland USA, which you can see above. Their music will take you away for sure, as shown by their super hero alter ego, GOLDFISHMAN, which they depict as follows:

“Person falls over and sprains ankle / Get’s dumped / Pick bad scenario

***GOLDFISHMAN arrives***


Person forgets whats wrong and instantly feels better.”

So be sure to head to their set at the Main Stage on Saturday at Mysteryland at 5pm. They will help you to dance yourself silly, forget your worries, and make the most of this amazing festival.

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Kristen Grennan

Follow Kristen on Twitter @KristenGrennan Kristen Grennan joined Sensible Reason in the fall of 2010 while living abroad in France. She helped co-manage Binghamtronica Presented by Oxfam and HeadCount in March of 2011 and graduated from Binghamton University in May of 2012. Besides writing for Sensible Reason, Kristen taught English in Le Havre, France and is a backpacking hooper and hippie. Kristen is currently enrolled at Columbia University and is seeking a Masters in Public Administration with a specialization in International Media, Advocacy, & Communications.

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