High Waisted Brings The Best Of Surf Rock And Dream Pop Together

The minute I heard “Party In The Back,” I fell in love with the sound of HIGH WAISTED and their upcoming album, On Ludlow. The combination of dream pop and surf rock has me swooning, feeling like an ethereal fairy ready to embark on a psychedelic journey of a lifetime. Fronted by Jessica Louise DyeJono on drums, Jeremy on bass, and Steven pulling double duty on guitar and vocals, this four-piece band allows you access to a blissful soundscape that will no doubt have you groovin’.

“Trust” invites you in to a beach party where drinks are passed around on a platter and Dye’s vocals are heaven sent. The induction into On Ludlow is an enchanting visit from the sound of yesteryear. The sonic amalgamation of dream pop and surf rock is proven true with “Party In The Back,” and the video for it is simply sublime — featuring the band in the best of what New York has to offer. My second favorite track, “Shithead,” is laughingly good. For those looking to blast their exes, the cleverly crafted lyrics are brilliant — “you’re just so stupid / you’re a son of a bitch.” While I indulge myself on that high, the next track, “Door,” is a refreshing breather and goes for a rock approach that will have you yearning for more as the guys chant “ooh ha.”

“Goldtooth” continues on the rock path, bearing resemblance to David Bowie’s “Heroes” in style. “Hey Hey” is a simple feel good track; it shines bright along the other tracks in its own melodic way. In a radical change, the vocal-less “Shanghai” highlights the ingenious production that the band puts on. “Wail” is definitely the moodiest song on the album, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Throughout the album, the lyrics are consistent in being honest. “What’s it like to feel your heart explode?” The aptly named “Detonate” is a return to the upbeat sound that brought this musical ensemble to my attention and that of my iPod.

Now, for my favorite song, “Nuclear Lover” brings out the emotional side of me. I try to match Dye’s angelic vocals note for note and I try to mimic the guitar and drums in an invisible display of musical prowess. Needless to say I fail in that aspect, but oh well, I can dream. The song is a powerful display of emotion about a relationship turning toxic. “Maybe” is one of the lighter songs HIGH WAISTED plays and it is without a doubt a lullaby inducing display of affection. Rounding off the album is a change in sound — “Kitchen Safari” is a mysterious instrumental that feels as if it’s inviting you for another listen.

All in all, HIGH WAISTED has breathed new life into music. Their brand of ethereal music will have you rockin’ and groovin’ simultaneously and their image of a real life fairy and three long-haired hunks solidifies their craftsmanship at producing eccentric jams. On Ludlow will wash over you in twelve jams that will give you a retro makeover and appreciation of an unusual and wonderful sound of music.

Keeping it old school, On Ludlow is available to pre-order on vinyl and cassette through EAT TRASH BE FREE and will be out March 4th!

Purchase tickets to the record release party at Mercury Lounge on March 3rd here!

Andie Castillo

20 something year old Texan. Queer. Walking disco ball. Wine enthusiast.

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