An Important Message From Backwoods Music Festival

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Backwoods Music & Camping Festival was an absolute blast at Tatanka Ranch in Oklahoma. With a lineup in 2016 that included Nero, Big Gigantic, Autograf, and Nahko & Medicine for the People, the festival was on huge grounds yet had an intimate feel at the same time. Sensible Reason even had a free hookah lounge for everyone. Attendees had some time to chill and smoke in between swimming in the pond and dancing at the Diskoportal. However, it is much to the dismay of Backwoods organizers that the festival will not be returning in 2017. Yet, all is not lost. Last night, the Executive Producer of the festival, Will Royal released the following statement regarding Backwoods:

On behalf of the entire team, it is with great sadness that I bring you the news that “Backwoods Camping and Music Festival” will not be returning to the Tatanka Ranch this year, nor any year in the future. Although we loved the magic and beauty of the ranch and enjoyed working with its staff dearly over the last couple of years, Lincoln County politicians and residents did not feel quite the same about us, or you, our Backwoods family, and made it increasingly difficult to venture forward. This, combined with the financial investment required to continue forward under these circumstances, was cause enough to decide to shut down Backwoods Music Festival at the Tatanka Ranch for good.

As with all good things that come to an end, an opportunity is born to do something great. This time is no different.

Some of the producers of Backwoods Camping and Music Festival have been working hard preparing a new chapter in this novel of life for all of you, and today we’re announcing a new festival with all of the same great vibes, feels, people, music, and art.

We wanted to stay true to the midwest region, and so we’ve tried to find a venue as close as possible to the ranch that could accommodate this new event and its future growth. We also wanted a county that understood the economic impact of a growing festival, and that wanted us there as much as we wanted to be there.

We’ve heard your suggestions and cries to return to a classic and historic venue that has helped to shape the music festival realm into what it is today.

It is with great happiness and a deep love for humanity, music, art, and self-expression, that we are proud to say we have found a place to call home. We’ve found it most fitting and almost by fate that this new home has had a stage on site for many, many years that has been called the “Backwoods Stage” by its patrons. Of course, we’re going to run with that as we like the name.

Today we unveil a completely new event and an entirely new experience, “Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain.”

Gather your festi-fam and get ready to camp, back on the mountain, April 20th-22nd, 2018.

Love and Light,
Will Royall

As sad as the news may be, attendees can take some solace in the fact that the festival has been bumped to April rather than September, so the overall wait for the next Backwoods won’t be a full 2 years. Also, Mulberry Mountain has been a popular destination for events like Backwoods in the past, a familiar spot for music lovers in the Midwest. We’re excited to see what’s next for Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain. Check out last year’s after movie below.


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