Infected Mushroom Launches “IM3D” Kickstarter, Set Out to Conquer 3D Film World

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I’ve been a fan of the versatile and meticulous detailed production capabilities of Israeli psy-trancers Infected Mushroom since before I was even a teenager. For decades these psychedelic juggernauts of the electronic world have headlined the world’s largest festivals, played with a live band, toured with the state of the art “Fungasamongus” video mapping pods, and have still found time to maintain their sense of humor as they keep true innovation and musicianship at the front lines of their creative onslaught. Now, in one of their most ambitious movesErez Eisen and Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani have set out to conquer yet another outlet in the world of entertainment; the 3D  film world.  This concept film; part documentary, part behind-the scenes footage, has been a long time dream of Infected Mushroom’s and will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.


Audiences will be ripped from their seats and thrust into the worldwide-celebrated insanity that is truly the Infected Mushroom experience. Part documentary, part behind-the-scenes footage, Infected Mushroom fans everywhere will live the life of Erez and Duvdev as they perform with their various productions; from the Full Live Band, to DJ sets in secret underground parties, to their highly acclaimed FungusAmongUs 3D Visual PODs setup – which was ranked among the top five best stage productions of 2013 in Ultra Music Magazine.

A long-time vision of Infected Mushroom’s, this concept documentary has been developing within the minds of Erez and Duvdev for well over a decade. The visual phenomenon known as IM3D allows you to be a part of their incredible voyage: You see what they see, feel what they feel, and share their experiences.

“You will feel like you are there, with me, in the sphere,” proclaims Duvdev. Incredibly meticulous and detail-oriented, Eisen and Duvdev ensure this film will surpass even their high standards. “I have seen the work that they [GG3D] do, and it is insane, absolutely amazing in 3D” notes Eisen.

To achieve this type of immersive documentary, Infected Mushroom has teamed up with 3D film experts who specialize in 3D IMAX production, Golden Gate 3D (GG3D).

Peter Chang, founder of GG3D notes, “An Infected Mushroom film isthe perfect opportunity to showcase the visual and sonic beauty of their performance in meticulously crafted 3D, and show how the technology serves the storytelling.”

Infected Mushroom attributes their success to their incredibly devoted and loving fan base, which is why they are calling on them to help make their dreams become a reality. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $350,000 to help complete a feature length film comprised of concerts, behind the scenes, interviews, and more, all shot in native stereoscopic 3D. There are multiple stretch goals including a new 3D music video, 4K resolution, and even a Virtual Reality experience for the Oculus Rift and other head-mounted displays. Production is projected to last three months, with post-production slated at three to six months. International release is expected to occur between February and May of 2015.

Help IM make their dream a reality. Check out and donate to the Kickstarter here. 

The official IM3D website. 

Infected Mushroom Official Website.

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