Interknit; Comes Back to Silk City for Round 3

Interknit 3


Interknit 3

Blank Space’s Monthly Pop Up Series Continues…



Philadelphia, PA. ­ Blank Space is proud to present the second installment of I​nterknit, a​n art and music event series, taking place on Tuesday, November 10th. The goal of I​nterknit is the promotion of dialogue and collaboration between sound and visual artists, all within the live performance setting. Interknit is hosted by Philadelphia’s famed Silk City, an establishment home to many of Philly’s best known musicians.Lotits Interknit1


For each event in the series, Blank Space Arts selects both a visual artist and their accompanying musical collaborator, relying on our experiences and understanding of the contemporary scene to envision new art. With Blank Space acting as creative broker, the two artists then begin a month­long dialogue leading up to the event, coordinating the specific narratives, themes, textures and ideas with which they want the performance to engage. In particular, we ask our artists to engage with PLACE, as it relates to their work, the City of Philadelphia today, the live music setting of Silk City, but also, where we are A​S A CULTURE. Music is the binding force between communities, between peoples, and our exploration of space and place is essential to our conception of creation and collaboration.



Our next event is November 10th and features the incredible artwork of N​athan Dark who will be our resident artist and performing a DJ set as well.

Nathan Dark

“The Silk City” featuring Johnny Fissinger (Damn Right), Rick Lowenberg(Brothers Past), and Ben Karp (Sonic Spank) will be playing a set of 100% improvised downtempo.


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