Interview: Dave Brogan of ALO on New Supergroup, Incidental Animals (ft. members of ALO, SCI & TAB)

When Incidental Animals announced an inaugural show at Brooklyn Bowl this Thursday, November 21, this information alone didn’t cause much of a stir. However, a closer look at this jam supergroup reveals a lineup composed of talented individuals coming from some of the most influential bands on the scene. With Kyle Hollingsworth of String Cheese IncidentDan Lebowitz, Steve Adams and Dave Brogan of ALO, and Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman of the Trey Anastasio Band, how can you go wrong? However, in case you need some more convincing, we spoke to Dave of ALO, who revealed some more information for us.

Sensible Reason: There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this new supergroup of yours. How did you all come together in the first place?

Dave Brogan: A couple of us were working on a soundtrack (also called “incidental music, weird!) for an Agatha Christie television adaptation. That collaboration was going so smoothly we thought, “maybe we should do a little tour with 3/4 of ALO, Kyle, and Jen.” But yes, you nailed it. The origin of the group was, literally, surrounded in mystery. A Miss Marple mystery!

SR: Describe your sound in three words.

DB: Happy, Funky, ManicMonkeyMotionMusic.


SR: Is there anything specific that people should know when attending this show?

DB: Just the usual stuff. Tip your bartender because they don’t get any of the 400% markup on drinks. And yes, Steve is single! (…ish).

SR: You’ve all played and toured with some pretty impressive people (in addition to being quite impressive yourselves). What has that been like?

DB: Why thank you, you are quite impressive yourself, too!

What can I say? We’ve all been very, very lucky. It’s been like, I don’t know, winning the lottery over and over and over again maybe. Or like wandering aimlessly into a casino in Vegas, accidentally dropping a quarter into a slot machine and hitting the jackpot – then a host of bellmen and lovely concierges descend on you and upgrade your whole life forever. Ha ha, just kidding! Actually, it’s like being able to fly.

SR: What are your favorite songs to cover?

DB: Anything by Talking Heads, Wilco, and Rufus with, or without, Chaka Khan.

SR: When you first joined forces, did you just magically come together or did it take some fine-tuning? Were there any discrepancies amongst the band about what you wanted to create?

DB: Even magic takes fine tuning. So, it was both: magically fine-tuned!

The only strange thing was during rehearsals. I kept seeing Dan look at me and then look over at Kyle and laugh, and then Kyle would laugh, too. I’m sure they were just digging what I was playing because no one ever said anything to me outright, you know?

You won’t want to miss the inaugural Incidental Animals show at Brooklyn Bowl on Thurs, Nov 21 — get your tickets for just $12 here!

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