Interview with DigitalDavy

Firstly, tell the world about yourself.  Where are you from, and how did you get started DJing?

DigitalDavy LogoMy name is David and I’m originally from Vineland, New Jersey, but I reside in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  I started DJing in in 2008/2009 with Virtual DJ, a Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2, and my MacBook Pro.  Now I’m using Traktor Pro 2, a Hercules RMX controller, and a Windows Laptop.  I started being interested in the DJ/electronic scene around 2002/2003 when a good friend of mine introduced me to the Disco Biscuits.

Who are your biggest DJ influences?  Is there anyone you emulated when you were young, or someone who’s currently in the game that you think is a head above everyone else?

Biggest DJ influence, hmmm, I would have to say at the moment it’s Goldroom out of LA, Gigamesh from Minneapolis, and James Murphy from NYC.  I try to create my own style when DJing, but I have been told I have the transition styling of Orchard Lounge.

When you play at le Poisson Rouge on the 27th you’ll be performing with live instrument players—how does that compare to just doing your thing electronically?  Is it difficult to adjust to, or does it come pretty naturally to you and the other performers?

There’s a lot more planning that goes into playing with other people.  Usually I just have a lot of tracks that I either haven’t played out before or haven’t played in a while and someone brings up.  It isn’t too difficult but I also am best friends with a drummer so we play together pretty often.  As long as the other performers know what style of music you will be playing and you have good on-stage communication it comes naturally.

Are there any more-traditional bands (i.e. guitar, bass, drums, etc.) that you really enjoy and that made you want to perform with live instrumentals?

I’m a huge fan of the Disco Biscuits, Brothers Past, Ween, Phish, and then the classic rock groups like The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles.  The group that truly made me want to collab with live instruments would have to be Escort.  Their live show can consist of a 17-piece band, but they can go and play those same songs during a DJ set.

If you could collaborate with anyone who is currently pumping out music, who would you pick and why?

I would love to work with Clay Parnell from Brothers Past, he just has such great energy with whatever he does.  I would also love to work with Drop Out Orchestra because they know how to turn any track into gold and I feel like if I had a chance to work with them or even talk to them I would learn so much.  Lastly, I would love to collaborate with SOLARiS a little more.  Back in February I performed with them in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and when they were ready to come back on for their second set the drummer, Dan Lyons, came up a little early and jammed with me for a couple minutes and it was one of my favorite performances.

DigitalDavy Laptop

Is there a festival or venue that you’re dying to play at and haven’t yet had the chance to?

The number one festival I would play would be the BPM Festival in Mexico, for so many reasons.  1: Who wouldn’t want to perform in the most beautiful area on the beach.  2: The best DJs and producers are either performing or at least spectating the festival.  Venue-wise I would love to play at the Whiskey a Go Go in LA  because when I was younger the Doors were my favorite band and they started out there.  Also, when I was out there in 2006 or so I saw a heavy metal show there and the set-up of the venue is amazing.  The stage is in the corner of the room and it’s round and then the balcony has tables instead of normal balcony seating and goes around the stage.

You sample a really diverse array of stuff.  Do you generally like to use songs you enjoy listening to in your leisure time, or do you just stumble on things that you think sound good that you may not have an intimate connection to?

I have a few blogs I follow, and then I have artists that any mix they put out I listen to.  There is also a great site for anyone looking for new music, don’t matter if you are a DJ or just a fan looking for new stuff, called TuneGlue. Anything you hear me play is something I have listened to for a some time.

Make sure to catch the DigitalDavy Live Band at le Poisson Rouge with Archnemesis next Saturday, April 27th.  Doors are at 11:00 PM, and you can get tickets here!

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